Review of Al Capone’s (Dinner Theater)

My Companion and I have officially aged out of the bar scene, for the most part. We’re just not as into sitting on a stool and watching people get hammered while they scream at other buzzed people. We also don’t enjoy having to shout at each other to be heard as we seem to be losing our collective hearing.

The point here being that we recently decided to start enjoying some of the attractions around Orlando while we’re dining and drinking. One of our first forays was to the Orlando Eye, which they’re renaming Icon for some damn reason. It looks ridiculous on the sign.

They missed a golden opportunity to spit in Apple’s eye by using i- everything. i-Ride, i-Trolley, i-Eye, i-Swing … It’s on International Drive, I imagine they could get beyond any copyright or trademark problems. Abuse that privilege!

Ahem. Sorry. I’m easily distracted these days.

Many movies from my youth involve dinner theater. Either the main actor is in it or the characters are going to see it. I’ve always wanted to be someone who goes to a dinner theater, dines and laughs. It didn’t look high class or anything, more like a neat experience to have.

We are often downtown near the i-Eye (yes, that’s what I’m going to call it from now on) and there’s a mystery dinner theater down there named Sleuths. I kept commenting that I thought it would be neat to check out considering I like mysteries and write books that have some mystery (but mostly adventure) involved.

My Companion, being awesome, checked out the reviews and realized this was not the place for us. A wee bit too tourist trap even for me–and I went to a flea market and had a parrot sit on top of my head, and visiting a gator farm is number three on my list of things to do before we leave Florida, if we ever do. Talk about feeling like a tourist!

One of those ads for Al Capone’s popped up while he was looking at Sleuths. No lie, those ads can be annoying and leave one paranoid about Google and Apple and other tech companies, but they’re damn helpful sometimes.

Obviously it’s prohibition era decor, and heavy on the Italian tropes of that time period. They encourage people to come in costume, and if we ever do it again I will definitely consider it. I love a good excuse to wear a flapper dress.

We were encouraged to show up early for our free drinks (we used the VIP coupon on the website–which I’ll link at the bottom of this review) and to enjoy a half an hour or so of illegal gambling for fun. No actual monies involved.

When we showed up the parking lot was empty. That was somewhat disturbing. Another couple was joining us so we could guarantee four people in the audience–one that would require participation. More on that later. Eventually cars began pulling in and we ended up with a full house. Woohoo!

The table games were roulette and blackjack. It was interesting. We didn’t play, it felt … small. I don’t know what we were expecting but that portion was underwhelming and I doubt we’ll show up early if we go again.

For the VIP coupons they did offer unlimited food and beverage, including beer and a few cocktails like rum runners. We’re talking Bud Light draft and well liquors, so don’t get too excited. They had assorted bottled beers and we stuck with those.

Our server, Benny Blanco (ha!), kept pushing the free Bud Light draft on me, which I guess I appreciate. It helps us save money but his tip definitely takes a hit. So after I Server 101’ed him about up-selling he brought me bottles and we got along great.

The dinner was buffet style and, you guessed it with the 1930s Italian decor, it was spaghetti and assorted accoutrements. My Italian raised Companion said the marinara wasn’t half bad. High praise for anywhere but home, trust me. The pasta was overcooked but I’m throwing in a caveat here. I’ve tried to make pasta for more than fifty people in one shot. Not over- or under-cooking it would be a miracle so I make no judgment there.

My Companion’s plate was clean when it went away. I filled up on breadsticks before the buffet opened and was rather content with my beer.

The tables were also set up family style so they were long with lots of chairs on either side. It makes it easier for the servers as, during the show, they all take part from different areas of the room.

After we ate, the show began. It was cheesy, it was campy, it was awesome. Everything I could have asked for in a comedy musical that happens to serve food. As stated before, there was audience participation including this gentleman named Frances who received quite the head rub.


The show is in Kissimmee, Florida. As most people know that is where Disney is located. Trust me when I say we have seriously talented people every which way one looks. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a performer of some sort. Not that I know why someone would be swinging a dead cat, but you know what I mean.

They had a plot–the emcee was in debt and a bit of a cad. Apparently they borrowed from Chicago and I’m good with that. A few other influences were obvious as well. They had the madam/head b*tch in charge, the copper that wanted to bust them all but seemed half assed incompetent until you understood the reason why, they had the audience as cover for their nefarious deeds. It truly was fabulous.

The show was 100% appropriate for the family. Like the latest Pixar movies, they did well with adult jokes that everyone could actually laugh at. Their double entendre game was en pointe, friends, is what I’m saying.

If you like camp, if you like musical theater, and if you’re in Orlando or Kissimmee, I’d suggest checking this place out. It’s not expensive, good food, highly entertaining. I’d put it at number two on my list of things for people to do here. What’s number 1? Getting together with me for coffee or a meal, of course!

The Link for Al Capone’s


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