Three Years On

I woke up to an unexpected anniversary today. Well, it was expected, but I had forgotten it was coming.

Three years ago I rolled my mother’s SUV either 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 times. Crazy, right? I hit black ice at about 55 on the highway in two wheel drive. As I was changing lanes. Sitting back from it all now, I feel bad for the witnesses who saw it happen. It had to have scared the hell out of them.

There was a really nice lady who let me sit in her heated car while we were trying to get ahold of my brother or anyone, really. I remembered my sister in law’s number. She’s a school teacher so wasn’t able to answer her phone. A short time later I remembered the name of the town where my brother sold cars. Eventually the police were able to track him down.

I walked away from that accident. Literally. After I army crawled my way out of the driver’s side door, I was able to wander around and collect my stuff before someone grabbed me and pulled me to the nice lady’s vehicle.


Then it was an ambulance ride to Grand Rapids, where they released me less than 2 hours later. It was still daylight when my sister in law came to pick me up. The nurses, doctors, myself, we were all stunned that they weren’t holding me for observation, at least.

The next day I really wish they had. I was boarding a flight back to Florida, and the airport and flights were my version of hell. They gave me all of five pain killers when I left the hospital. I must have been walking at .0003 miles per hour, with a backpack on. Again, looking back now, I probably could have told the ticketing agent what happened and had a wheelchair ride, but sometimes I am an idiot.

The day it happened, and again now, I want to thank the EMTs and police, and any other first responders that showed up to help me out. They were all amazing. One gentleman gave me his gloves, and never got them back. An officer took my dog to the emergency vet and stayed there with him while the vet put him down. That man, nameless as he may be, has been in my prayers ever since.

God bless, Bailey, you were a good dog. Pardon me while I go blow my nose …

Okay. Ahem. It’s been three years. Sniffle. I’m okay, promise. I thought this would be a good day to look back and see what’s changed, and what’s stayed the same. Catalog the new and old experiences, so to speak. I hope you’ll enjoy this with me!

So, let’s see. My Companion and I were living in a shoebox apartment. It was the one bedroom he was living in when we met. We were talking about moving into a two bedroom across the way in the same complex, and eventually did so.

My Companion was working from home for a global telecomm. I was working from home as an author. I had finished writing Freedom’s Treasure and had self-published it. I had also finished At Wit’s End, and had self-published that.



The week of the accident, I had begun writing¬†the sequel to Freedom’s Treasure. In it, someone had a car accident that sounded very familiar to what happened to me five days later. I don’t want to be psychic, but sometimes evidence adds up. Anywho …

I had herniated discs and tears in my neck and back, along with a rotator cuff tear. This means physical therapy. I couldn’t drive, nor would I at the time, had I been able. This means I was taking cabs to my physical therapy appointments.

We already had a driver we used semi-regularly when we went out to the bars and stuff. I requested he become my regular driver for appointments, and the cab company was more than happy to oblige. We were good customers, and this was regular money for them for the next several months, so why not?

This is how I got to know my friend Mikey. We were pretty well acquainted before, but this is when we really started to get to know each other. Our rides were a lot of fun! And Mike was a great guy, with good connections for all sorts of things.

After we moved into the two bedroom apartment, I mentioned idly that I would like a kitten. A female, so I wouldn’t be outnumbered in my home anymore. Less than two days later Mike called and told me to pick a cat. I was all, “What?” (stoned on pain killers). He sent me a photo of a ginger kitty, and a grey striped kitty. After consultation with My Companion we picked the grey one.

And that’s how I got my Binny. I wanted so badly for him to be a girl. Poor thing probably has identity issues now. We named HER Shirin. Once we discovered the little danglers we started blending his name fully into his nickname … Shirinny bin Laden (because he was a feline terrorist for a while there) eventually became Binny. If you’re wondering, Shirin is farsi for sweet.


This is the same time I submitted my manuscript for At Wit’s End to a hybrid publisher based out of Seattle. They accepted quickly. It was awesome! I don’t know if that exact feeling can ever be replicated, but I definitely hope so.

I was connected with professional cover designer, editor, proofreader, and manager, and thus the new and improved version of AWE was born! It took nine months to make it through the editing period, but we did it!

At Wit’s End was re-released last February (so almost a year ago now), the publisher closed their doors, and all rights reverted back to me. So I re-released it AGAIN on all platforms, and have continued to write and push my other completed book since.

I’m working on the sequel to Freedom’s Treasure. The one I mentioned earlier? From three years ago? Yeah, that’s now the third. The working title was Liquid Gold, now it is Freedom’s Promise, which will be released after Freedom’s Song. Apparently there was another story that needed to be told first, and I’m good with that!

Let’s see, what else? I flew in First Class for the first time. That was pretty amazing. It was a treat, not something we’ll do all the time, but we will be doing that again. Woohoo!

In May of 2015 we turned My Companion into My Spouse by having a wedding at Treasure Island in Florida. That was a blast! I’d like to do it again with the whole family there, and without the wedding part. So a family vacation. But yes, definitely again.


We’ve taken a few other in state vacations. Those are always fun.

We bought a car we’re starting to adore. I finally named it Chunk, because I feel like it has a fat ass. My Companion tells me I don’t park the thing, I dock it like a boat. It feels like a boat. Three row seating is one row too many, I think. I feel like I’m driving a bus.

Last April My Companion started working for a new company in Orlando. We had the experience of being professionally moved across state. It’s very, very different than throwing whatever fits into a vehicle and taking off for parts unknown. I’m not sure which method I prefer, though if I am moving into a third floor apartment, the professional movers will win out each time.

I continue to embrace the philosophy that a risk not taken is an opportunity ignored. It’s leading us to discover new things in our area, and finding new interests that we have. Never, ever stop learning, my friends!

Thanks for hanging out with me as I reminisced on the past three years! It’s nice to step back and take a hard look. I’m happy, My Companion is happy, our furry children are ecstatic, so life is good.

I posted the memory on Facebook today. My kickass grandmother reminded me that someone must be perching on my shoulder. I believe this to be true, and constantly feel blessed.

I also feel blessed, dear readers, that you are here with me. Stay safe, be kind, and love one another.



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