Gotta Keep It Fresh

Prompt 21 of #FreeWriteChallenge – Write about somebody who makes your life interesting …

I’m going to write about my spouse today. This may seem like cheating, but it shouldn’t. It’s cheating because he’s my spouse, but it’s not cheating as, if he didn’t keep my life interesting, then he wouldn’t be my spouse. Makes sense, right?

Regular readers will recall mention of my spouse in several posts. First Kiss, Last LoveRelationship Status: MarriedUnpacking the Baggage, and A High Fashion Hippie, to name a few. There are many, many more.


As per our agreement when we realized we were serious about each other I am going to preserve my spouse’s anonymity by not using his real name. I’ll go with initials, which I tend to do in these things. He’ll either be J or SO.

I am a bright cookie. I’m not saying I’m Scorpion brilliant, but I do have a decent amount of brain cells rattling around in my cranium. It’s been … a problem in my past, especially in relationships.

I tend to think five steps ahead in conversations, and am pretty darn good at predicting exactly where movies and television shows and books are going. I’ve erred in past relationships, believing that other attributes could make up for a lack of intelligence or foresight, which I suppose is a part of intelligence but needed special mention to make my brain stop twitching.

Nothing feels more awesome than being wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. Do I need a sarcasm alert there?

Ideally two people should complement (and compliment!) each other. My mind tends to be more people oriented. Figuring out their motivations, who they are, what their stories are, like that.

Someone once called me fuzzy logic as opposed to straight logic. That comment started an argument that actually cleared a room. I’ll confess now that they were correct. Here’s hoping they never read this! Ha!

SO’s intelligence is logic bound. He’s a computer guy. His most excellent white collar job is in Internet Security for a Fortune 500 company. Maybe Fortune 100, I’m too lazy to do the research on that today.

He’s one of the guys working to protect your credit card information, my friends. We should be thankful for these people on a daily basis. Especially as the holidays are upon us.

He challenges me in ways that I hadn’t imagined possible based on my past experiences, and I’m sure he says the same thing about me. Our conversations can … lose people. I will say one of the greatest compliments we received as a couple was when a friend told us they love seeing us because they learn something new every time.

My SO’s interests are many, and varied. His hobbies have much in common with each other. Most are logic or puzzle based. I have a feeling he liked story problems in school, though I’d never ask. Ugh. I hated those.

My 8 year old nephew received a circuitry set for Christmas the last time we were in the state for the holiday. No one wanted to deal with it. Normally it would have been me staring at the directions and telling him the next steps while questioning every move.

Not that year. My SO hopped right down on the floor and showed the kid 10 different things he could make those circuits do, including the lightbulb/fan/music combination. Come to find out my nephew has the same kind of brain my SO does. I call it the Engineer Brain, though I’m not 100% that’s accurate. Nephew has requested that my SO pick out a new circuitry set like the first one, “but funner!” for Christmas. So adorable.

I’d played video games in my youth. We were right there with Super Mario and the gang from day one. My SO, however, had some of the first computer games created. They were text based back then. For a short time when I was living in Arizona I played the crap out of Final Fantasy, which is one of those role playing games. Someone stole my discs and I gave up the gaming and didn’t pick it up again for years.

Then my SO introduced me to Diablo III, Grand Theft Auto, Assassins Creed, and a few others. My daily boredom is officially alleviated. The day Trounce – my badass Monk in Diablo 3 – hit 500 paragon points, he was so proud. And I’m proud because that girlie monk is a badass who’s about to hit 600 paragon points, for those in the know.

SO reintroduced me to the sci-fi genre in movies and television shows. Thank you, sweetie. We actually collect Funko figures now because the nerd is so strong in both of us.

All of that being said, we’re not as nerdy as one might think upon reading this. We go to shows, bars, and exploring in general. It’s been a lot of fun in Orlando. There’s a lot more to do here than when we were across state. World of Food (Trucks) is something we discovered together, and there’s a lot more on our to-do list.

Traveling is high on his list of priorities, and mine as well. He hasn’t moved quite as often as I, I don’t think, but he’s seen far more places in general than I have. He took me to Anna Maria Island for my first time. When my books become bestsellers, we’re buying a house there, one with a mother in law cabin for my mom (that answers Prompt 18 – the first thing I would do if my book became huge).

We’re planning a cruise for sometime in the next several years. Of course being us, it’s not the standard cruise. Caribbean? No thanks. Alaska? Pass. Mexico? Pfft. Down the rivers of Europe? Sign us up.

So, yeah, J makes my life interesting. It probably would have been anyways, from the outside, but inside that cranium I mentioned earlier, well … without J I’d be boring as hell. Do you want to know what’s awesome about that? He’d say the same thing about me.

The love is as strong as the nerd in this particular couple.


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