Unpacking the Baggage

Day 4 of the #FreeWriteChallenge demands I write about unpacking a suitcase. Sounds fun, eh? Usually we’re unpacking because we’ve gone somewhere or done something fun, and it seems we would want to talk about that all the time. I, however, view it differently – as I do so many things on and of this earth.

Regular readers of this blog will recall that I seem to travel extensively. I’m always talking about some place that I’ve been or am on my way to, and that’s fun and all, but all of that travel and moving involves suitcases and boxes.

I’m so sick of suitcases and boxes.

From the period of 1998 to pretty much now I have been living out of suitcases and boxes. 1998 is when I packed what I could fit into my vehicle and bailed for Arizona from Michigan. Funnily enough, I don’t think I used a suitcase for that relocation.

Everywhere I’ve been has felt temporary, and perhaps that’s why I don’t like to unpack. Too often I’ve had to put the same clothes into the same bag I just took them from. It gets old, quickly.

My Companion views it differently. He’s traveled extensively also in his lifetime, but he’s an unpacker. I don’t get it, but I find it cute. If we’re going to be more than a night or two, his clothing ends up in drawers. I’m more concerned that I’ll lose stuff when I do that, like favorite t-shirts. See What Once Was Lost to understand more about that. 

Maybe that’s the metaphor we’ve been looking for? I don’t unpack because I’m always prepared to move along and see what’s over the horizon; he does unpack because he likes to feel like he’s home. 

I literally unpacked a bag two days ago because I took a quick sprint up to Michigan to see the family. I did not unpack, and I did not lose any belongings. I consider that amazing.

Here’s a Michigan sunset from my trip.

So, what a pointless blog post, right? God forbid I don’t leave my readers with something …

A.K.’s Tips for Packing a Suitcase

On the trip to the place, fold clothes as one would normally. Did you buy souvenirs while gone? Roll your clothes instead of fold to open up room in the luggage. 

Business trip and don’t want wrinkly clothes? Roll them. Yep. It actually works. Often one can use a smaller bag, as well.

Bring 1 too many of each article of clothing in case of spills. An extra pair of jeans, t-shirt, etc. This does not apply to pajamas because, jammies. 

Socks and underwear are perfect for edges of the suitcase and protection of health and beauty bags (aka Dopp kits aka essentials).

Shoes go soles up.

If it’s an extended trip, mail your clothes through UPS or USPS or Fed-Ex, whoever you trust to get it there on time. Saves on baggage fees and, if your host loves you, they’ll open it up and get the wrinkles out in advance of your arrival.

Have a Health and Beauty Bag (aka Dopp kit) that’s ready at a moments notice. All one should need to put in are glasses and deodorant and current medications. Makes that part much easier. I bought two of the assorted eye shadows and things so that bag is permanently good to go.

Keep your Beauty Bag/Dopp kit in your carry-on if you’re flying. A backpack is my recommendation for this. The weight is balanced on your shoulders and, if need be, you can knock slow ass people out of your way with it.

Have. Something. To. Do. Even on road trips. There’s always going to be a time you wish you had a book on hand, or a movie downloaded, or even a sketch pad. There’s a LOT of waiting around in the traveling experience.

Do  you have packing or travel suggestions? Comments are open. 

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