Nom Nom Nom Part II

Favorite food to go out for – coffee shops don’t count, you cheaters – Day 28 of the #PNIWritingChallenge is upon us and how could I not love this topic?

We are, once again, discussing food. I’m astonished at how much my life revolves around the stuff now. I used to consider it fuel, something I had to have to keep going and it was a bonus if it tasted really, really good.

Now? Now I’ve become spoiled with flavor and that’s not a bad thing. I’m enjoying trying all sorts of new things since I’ve moved to Florida, and anyone who knew me in my youth would be surprised by this.

I feel like adding some links here, so I shall. These are the food posts that popped up immediately when I searched my own archives.

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These are all from the more recent challenges. I have no idea what would happen if I searched back into 2015 and beyond, and as usual I am feeling too lazy to look into it.

My Companion enjoys steaks, as do I. It’s something we bonded over the night we met. Filets were the main topic of discussion.

Our first date was to a five star steakhouse in Tampa called Charley’s. It was wonderful! The filets were tender enough to be cut with a fork. I’m not even fibbing, though I lie to you, my dearest of readers, often. As a side I had broccoli, which I like well enough. I don’t know how they cooked it but those broccoli florets were phenomenal. I don’t know if they were good enough to get children to like them, but I do and, really, that’s all that matters.

Since we’ve moved to Orlando, we have made it our mission to try steaks at as many different restaurants as we can. There was a Brazilian steakhouse that blew our minds, partly because it was unexpected and mostly because I still dream about the food.

If you haven’t gone to a Brazilian steakhouse, I highly recommend it. I’ve been informed Argentinian is great also, but I’m not going to suggest you try something that I have not.

At the Brazilian steakhouse, you hit the cold buffet for your sides and then servers bring assorted meats around on skewers. You select what you’d like – and this is all you can eat – and they shave it directly to your plate.

They had a garlic tenderloin that if I were going to be executed would be my last meal request.

You can try as much or as little as you’d prefer. It’s the kind of meal I would recommend setting aside time for. Staying for less than 2 hours seems like a waste.

The other steakhouse that we’ve been frequenting is Longhorn Steakhouse. My goodness, y’all, if you haven’t tried Flo’s Filet, run, don’t walk, and order it. Though they aren’t quite fork cut-able, they are definitely worth the cost and effort to go. We were just there last week, as a matter of fact, and we’ll probably be back there again next week. We would have gone this week but I dashed out of town for a quick family visit.

Flo’s goes fantastically well with a butter and brown sugar drowning sweet potato. Check this out:


I ate that whole damn thing, though it took two efforts.

So, that should answer that question, right? What is my favorite food to go out for and coffee shops don’t count?

Honestly, I don’t eat at coffeeshops. Food would suck up my caffeine and what’s the point after that?


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