Apple Music Owns My Soul

Day 27 of the #PNIWritingChallenge! My friends, we’re almost through this challenge. It’s been fun and we’ve learned quite a bit about each other. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this journey as much as I have.

Fear not! As has become habit we will be starting a new challenge when this one is complete. I will post the photo of it here on the blog the first day, but if you’re interested in taking part, you can find more information in my reader’s group on Facebook. Here is a link: AK’s Advance Readers

Before we begin that, however, we have another few challenges to write our way through. Today’s question is:

How do you listen to music while you work? MP3? Radio?

I don’t actually listen to music while I work. Not anymore. I used to enjoy chaos around me during and would have the television on and playing news while I played assorted music in the background. I’ve found that once I start typing I can no longer hear the music or television anyway so I’ve stopped turning them on altogether and, instead, save money on our utility bills.

This topic has me thinking about music and all of the ways that I’ve listened to it in my lifetime. That was fun to dwell on, actually.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve covered every format. Obviously the radio, as that’s been around forever plus a day. One of my first memories of my parents’ car was the 8 track player under the dash. It was the Steve Miller Band. The 8 track is quite clear in my mind. It was white.

I’ve had several musician friends and one of them used a reel to reel for recording. That was neat. His music sounded very full to me, via this method, and I liked it, but it seems like it would be a royal pain in the ass to use regularly.

My kick ass/bad ass grandmother had an old school record player that is inside of a chest. It wasn’t old school when they had it, but it is now so that’s a safe way to classify it. The first hi-fi system my mother gifted me for Christmas when I was around 8th grade had a record player as well as cassette decks – including a double that let me make (illegal) copies of cassettes. One of my first vinyls was Samantha Fox. Google is your friend …

The gentleman that provided me my first typewriter – Member Typewriters? Oo, I Member Typewriters … – and tried to teach me basic German had a gramophone that we would use to listen to the soundtrack from Gone With the Wind. Long time readers know that’s my favorite book and, indeed, one of my favorite movies though I haven’t watched it in ages.


I’ve used MP3s, of course, as I’m currently enslaved to Apple. I keep using terms that indicate I have no choice in this – they own my soul, enslaved – but the reality is they have the smoothest transmission that I’ve seen/heard.

I used to use Pandora. That’s a decent app and I enjoyed it for several years. The problem I discovered with it is that I couldn’t select a song and actually have that one played. They would give me similar songs, or other songs by the artist. That’s why Apple music pleases me greatly.

They don’t make us buy the music, though we are paying a monthly fee for this, I believe. I can pull up esoteric albums and listen to them without kicking out $9-15. That appeals to me.

Side note: after all the crapping of pants during the Napster era, I’d like to point out that artists are getting paid and we’re still listening to their tunes. So yay?

I still have CDs. There’s a player in my car. I brought all of my music from Michigan to Florida because of that fact, and am thrilled I can listen to all of the mixed music CDs I created many moons ago.

I do believe I’ve covered each method. If there’s one that I missed, list it in comments and I’ll see if it sounds familiar.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day! We have a party to prepare for so you won’t see hide nor hair of me again until Sunday. Oh wait, that’s normal. Huh.

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