More Words to Live By

Well gracious me oh my! We have a bit of a repeat from one of our earlier challenges! This is not a problem, my friends, trust me. I have many, many words to live by. If you’re curious, here’s round one. It was day 17 of the original #30DayWritingChallenge.

Words to Live By

This time around it falls on day 13 of the #PNIWritingChallenge. It’s more detailed of a question than before. Hold on, let me get a copy …

What is your favorite saying/inspirational quote/clever quote? Do you have a “hard copy” of it?

By hard copy of it, I assume they mean a sampler or poster – like the kitty clinging to a tree with one paw and it says, “Hang in there!” or the sampler that says, “Friends welcome any time, family must call ahead.”

That would involve “things” and we’ve discussed this. I don’t like to collect things. People, yes, things, no. Well, unless it’s the ultimately awesome collectibles I’ve been getting from Nerd Block for the past year. I definitely collect that stuff but it has value. Someday I’ll sell it all and be a toy-made millionaire.

So the answer to the second question is a straight up nope.

Regarding words to live by – mottos or what have you. In the earlier challenge I used Do Unto Others, as well as Be Good to Your Shoes. Those are slightly more uplifting than the cynical version I’ve been sitting on.

Okay, cynical may have been a poor word choice. Would it be easier to delete that word and look for a new one rather than type out two sentences about it being the wrong word choice? Probably.

In This House, There Is No Sympathy For Self-Inflicted Wounds

I love love love that.

Self-inflicted wounds suck. They’re your average hangover, headache from staying up late reading or watching “just one more episode” on Netflix, getting ahead of yourself and launching off of a tube the first day out on the lake and busting up your ribs and begging the people with you not to tell your wife because she’ll say that phrase with a smirk on her face …


I’m generally guilty of the staying up later than anticipated and then paying the price the next day. Fortunately there are these things called “naps” and they tend to help.

I used to be guilty of the hangover thing, but I’m good there. I’ve developed new vices that don’t leave me feeling nasty the next day. Thank goodness.

However. The week after my birthday, and the day of My Companion’s birthday, we went to this thing in Orlando at Universal Studios called Halloween Horror Nights. The intent was to go through a few of the haunted houses, eat dinner at City Walk, and call it good.

But no, oh no. They had to have rides I wanted to check out. There was the new Harry Potter ride, the escape from Gringott’s. That was fun. They also had Transformers, which is a 3-D one. Well, they’re all 3-D but Transformers was the more apparent of them. And The Mummy. I’m a big fan of The Mummy franchise.

Of the three, Transformers was my favorite.

So, yes, we went on three roller coasters. They weren’t super fast, and they didn’t do any loop de loops, but they were roller coasters just the same.

The price I paid the next day was … sorta worth it? I mean, I hurt from the base of my neck to the base of my spine and even in one of my butt cheeks, but it was fun to actually do something like ride the coasters. It’s been YEARS since I’ve been able to do a lot of the physical stuff that I have wanted to do; like ride cheesy roller coasters and dance.

In all honesty, waiting in the lines for the haunted houses may have been worse. The Walking Dead one was a 2 hour wait and the three of usĀ felt every bit of the wait. They were okay. Haunted houses don’t scare me, I guess.

The only parts that got to me were at the end because all three houses had strobe lights that went off quick as automatic gunfire. I’m light blind so when I see those kinds of flashes, I’m basically done. Blind for five minutes at a time.

What were we talking about? Oh, yeah. Life mottos.

No sympathy for self-inflicted wounds has become a rule in our house. It’s cut back on a lot of the bitching from me, as well as My Companion. I suggest trying it in your home, especially if you have rambunctious children.

Enjoy the Saturday!

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