Lucky Charms

Do you have any lucky charms?

Why do so many of these challenges ask about stuff? Things, possessions, dust collections, everywhere and all the time! This is day 12 of the #PNIWritingChallenge.

I’m not a fan of “things”. I’ve mentioned in a few posts that clutter drives me bonkers. It is in this spirit that I can gleefully answer, No, I do not have any lucky charms.

I have sentimental items, like Mr Panda and Mr Bear, but they’re not lucky for me, only for themselves in that they get to travel the same way I do.


No, no charms for me. That may strike people as odd considering how unconventionally lucky I tend to be.

I tend to believe in karma, and in rituals, which I suppose are a form of luck. Would you like a few examples?

Parking Lots – I am often blessed with up front parking spots. I love it, and thank what I call the “Parking Lot Fairy” for them. How do I call forth this wondrous creature? I remove hands from the wheel, give two quick claps and say, “Go Go Gadget Parking Lot Fairy”. I’m not even kidding. Cars will pull out of spots immediately upon completion of the claps. My Companion sometimes laughs, sometimes he face palms, it depends on the day, I suppose.

Scratch Off Lottery Tickets – I use the shiniest quarter I have in the bowl we put our change into. I say change, but really only quarters go in there. If I come out even on my tickets at a minimum, I save that quarter for the next round. If I don’t win that quarter goes into the giant water jug that we put the rest of the change in. Once every six months or so I’ll take the giant jug to a CoinStar or something similar and use the bad quarters to buy new scratch off lottery tickets with. It’s a long range and long term ritual but it tends to be effective. I’ve had two decent wins since moving to Florida, which I’ve not done in Michigan (Club Keno doesn’t count), so I consider this ritual set in stone.

Slot Machines – This is only for when I get the bonus (as I like slots that have digital bonus games and not the simple reels of yesteryear). As the machine is going through its spasms of joy that I’ve gotten a bonus, I light a cigarette. I close my eyes, center myself, and during the first exhale of smoke run my hand across the face of the machine three times. Left, right, left. Again, this method is somewhat hit or miss but I seem to win decent amounts more often than not. I’m one of those annoying people who can take $20 to the casino and have it last a couple of hours, so I must be doing something right.

I would give more examples but I have things to do today and suddenly I’m worried that telling all of you my tips and tricks will make my rituals less effective. I can’t be having that.

Do you have charms that are lucky? Rituals?

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