Nom Nom Nom

What food or drink do you mindlessly consume while working?

Woohoo! Another excuse to talk about coffee! About food! How awesome is that? Only very.

An excellent question for day 10 of the #PNIWritingChallenge, but one for which I technically don’t have an answer.

Electronics are expensive. Keyboards don’t react well to crumbs of food or drops of liquid. And screens? Well, they have their own issues, don’t they?

When I have the actual MacBook Air out, I don’t tend to have food or drink too close to it. I love my laptop and I don’t want anything bad to happen to it. I’ve read far too many horror stories about bricked laptops due to spillage.

AppleCare may not cover everything I could put this thing through, especially considering how hard and fast I type.

I have a feeling there will be replacement keyboards in my future. Often.

I may have coffee near at hand, but it’s generally in a lidded go-cup. I don’t eat until early afternoon and by then I usually have the laptop put away.


When I worked office jobs I preferred to keep things the same way but, I won’t lie, when I wasn’t paying for the equipment I wasn’t as leery of snacking. Chips come to mind. I’d eat left-handed and then type only with the right. I’m pretty quick that way so it didn’t affect my stats.

Huh, an easy topic for today. I’m actually keeping this one under 300 words. Are you impressed?

I am.

What are your favorite work-related snack foods?


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