Promises, Lies, and Alibis

I don’t know if I believe it personally, and I’m sure you’ll be checking some reality yourselves when I tell you that today is day 30 of the #WingWritingChallenge. Our final posts based off of Author JC Wing’s twisted mind – or rather the random assortment of words she chose from a hat. Whatever.


It’s been an interesting 30 days, if I do say so myself. We learned all sorts of things. I won’t go over them here, I have archives for my blog for a reason *wink wink*.

One thing I found interesting is the lack of reflective posts that JC Wing and I had written. Regular readers will recall from the first two rounds of 30 day challenges, JC and I wrote the same general things more often than not. That was a trend I am pleased to see fall by the wayside.

I know that you are distraught at the idea of not hearing from us – me specifically – daily for the next 30 days. Well, wipe away those tears and blow that runny nose because hot damn we have a live one!

The hashtag is #PNIWritingChallenge. This is shorthand for Potatoes Not Included. The Creator of this particular challenge is New Author Randy Brown. He’s a funny gentleman, and worth the read on his page so check it out! I won’t post his here yet as we have one more to write for JC and I’d hate for her to feel short-changed.

On that note, we move on to the final #WingWritingChallenge of Work In Progress.

Before I was involved in this whole Becoming an Author thing my definition of work in progress was about my own spiritual, mental, and emotional growth. Not the physical – I stopped growing a year after high school and have maintained the same height and weight since.

I am comfortable in my own skin now, and that’s something I was not sure would happen. Age grants us more than wisdom, I believe. So we’ll skip the personal growth aspect of this and move on to what authors love to hate to talk about – current works.

Technically I have a couple but I’m saving them for future challenges (I read ahead, guilty, always, ever since I was in elementary school).

The following manuscripts are in the Romantic Adventure genre and are mostly Safe For Work.

The Word document that I’ve been keeping open on my MacBook Air is titled Freedom’s Song. It is the sequel to Freedom’s Treasure and one that I’ve been looking forward to writing. My intent had been to have it ready for release this fall/Christmas but it’s looking more like February. That’s okay, I’m flexible. Thankfully my characters are as well.


Freedom’s Song picks up about 3 months after FT (Freedom’s Treasure) ended. Our grand finale happened over the Fourth of July and FS (Freedom’s Song) begins in October.

Our main characters from FT are no longer main characters, but fear not, we are still in very close contact with them.

Anna Molly Mylan the author is writing the story of their summer adventure, which includes the story of how she met a very wet, naked man in her bathroom on her first day in Baldwin. I know, it sounds creepy but, trust me, it wasn’t. Anna revisits that day in her dreams quite often. Throughout FS she will be interviewing assorted characters to gain more lore and past history to help flush out her first full length manuscript.

Hunter Edward Williams – I never gave him a middle name in FT but there you have it – continues as he began. Renting out homes, performing maintenance on properties, and, of course, being at Elisa Williams’ (his mom) beck and call. He’s still reeling from the discoveries of the summer and would rather leave it all in the past.

I love these characters and I’m very excited to see how they develop throughout the series. I know the basics, of course, but I am often surprised at what my characters get themselves involved in.

Freedom’s Song is not about them, however. I don’t want to give the story away, not yet, mostly because I’m not sure where it’s going. What I can tell you is this:

Nancy Delhomme Dockett – she’s the soon-to-be ex-wife of Sam Dockett AKA Dock from the first book. Her divorce is about to be final and Nancy is itching to spread her wings. Her parents disowned her when she married Dock and left Georgia and now Nancy is working on reconciling  with them. Will she stay in Baldwin or move home? That’s just one question I have.

Colby Price is Hunter’s best friend. Now that Hunter has discovered love in his life he wants to help Colby find his. Colby is a fascinating character. The local hardware store has been in their family for generations and now Colby and his sister Tami run it. Colby has had a thing for Nancy for quite a while and he believes it is time to make his move. He’s one of those guys you expected to be married with a passel of kids immediately after high school but that didn’t happen. Now he’s in his mid-30s and it’s time to settle down.

Mix, match, and boom! Romance follows.

There’s a private eye following one of them. Stay tuned to find out which …

So, yeah, that’s where we sit with the current Work In Progress.

“Hey, A.K.?”


“If that’s all you’re going to mention for this post, why did you title it Promises, Lies, and Alibis?”

“Oh! Great question! Thank you so much for asking! I did that because that’s basically what writing my books has become. I’m telling stories about promises, lies, and alibis. I also like the way the words flow and I’ve been wanting to use that title.”

“Are you aware of how crookedly you had to bend to wedge that in there?”




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