Nuevas Tradiciones

That means “new traditions” for those not Google-fluent in Spanish. Yes, I know, this isn’t the first posting I’ve used another language to title. Sometimes you have to break up the monotony.

Hey! Maybe that’s why we’re creating new traditions, to break away from what was once, to what is now.

In case you haven’t figured it out based on my bolding of the print, day 29 of the #WingWritingChallenge is traditions.


I suppose this is particularly relevant as we kick into high gear to prepare for the upcoming deluge of holidays. My birthday, My Companion’s birthday, my sister and niece’s birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, weird holidays we make up because we can, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s and we can’t forget Christmas Day itself, the holiest of traditional holidays. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my bad ass Gramma Sharkie’s birthday falls in this time period as well.

Those days offer enough opportunities to choke a traditional turkey, or maybe a well-fed Christmas goose.

Side question: When did it become appropriate to stuff a duck into a chicken and the chicken into a turkey instead of having goose? It seems like overkill, to make a bad pun. Then again if you wrap any one of those birds in bacon, I’ll stop complaining, so there’s that.

That family that I love so much in Michigan has many routines/rituals for the holidays. Christmas Eve is the one time of year our grandmother can count on at least one of us going to church with her. Thanksgiving is at my brother’s where his wife has proven herself master of the tasty kitchen while he hoots and hollers deep frying turkeys. I used to go early and help shop and cook but it’s hard (and a little expensive) to do that from Florida.


We’ve missed several of the big holidays since I’ve been down here with My Companion. I miss the family, obviously, and we try to visit when we can.

Did you know it’s cold up there? Like seriously bone chilling cold? Freezing humidity is a vicious beast.

The first time I took My Companion up there for Christmas was the year of the Polar Vortex. My Southern California transported to Florida by way of Texas guy had to help me scrape 3/4 of an inch of ice off of a windshield. I have a feeling that didn’t set the greatest precedent for our trips there. He has yet to see Michigan’s Spring or Summer splendor.


We’ve created new traditions for the two of us. I thought I would feel guilty considering I had three decades of (insert family last name here)’s games and meals.

I don’t.

I miss them, but I don’t feel guilty. Part of marriage is creating a new family and new traditions that suit us. I admit I miss the chaos of the holidays, but, to quote Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon, I’m getting too old for (some of) this shit.

For Thanksgiving we have ham. I know, I know, that’s super wrong somehow and should be served for Christmas or Easter. We serve the ham with traditional turkey sides. We eat said ham from TV trays while we watch NFL football instead of sitting at a dining room table and conversing about that for which we are thankful.

As a grown-up who is very much a kid at heart, you don’t even know how adult I felt the year we decided we didn’t have to eat at a table like the “civilized” people.

Christmas varies. One year we did a casserole here in Florida. Apparently you aren’t supposed to eat from a TV tray for Christmas, either. Who knew? One year we were in Michigan and followed their lead.

We had ham for our first Easter and I vaguely recall switching that up to a pot roast last year. Crockpots are the bomb. It makes dealing with leftovers much easier when you have to deliver but one dish to the refrigerator.

This year we’ve started something new altogether. The first indication things were going to switch up was my birthday. Our buddy Sebastian I mentioned in World of Food (Trucks) is playing a part. He’s been coming and cooking traditional latin foods for us. They’re amazing.

My Companion’s birthday is tomorrow and Sebastian is hooking us up with carne asada done his way. We’re super stoked.

We haven’t discussed Thanksgiving or Christmas yet. This is due to a house rule I created which is only right and fitting: Thanksgiving is not to be discussed until after Halloween and Christmas is not to be discussed until Thanksgiving Day – and even then only after the main meal. That’s how it used to be, and that’s how it should be, so sayeth the AK.

Nostalgia, peoples, learn it and love it.

I’m very curious to see how our holidays fall this year. Our intent had been to fly up to Michigan. We missed 2015 up there, kinda on purpose. The Polar Vortex was, um, we’ll go with memorable.

My mom is flying down directly after Christmas and is staying through New Year’s. This pleases me, and My Companion. It’s Cocoa the Hot Dog who is super duper excited though. He has Gramma wrapped around his little doggy paw. It’s like he knows she’s coming and he’ll get all stubborn on our walks. It’s funny.


Do you have family traditions that you’ve changed since your youth? Care to share? I’m always looking for ideas to steal – I mean support. Yeah, support, that’s it. Comments are open, my friends!

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