Platinum Age of Television

Day 22 of the #WingWritingChallenge is perfect for today! Or maybe this weekend. We were hurricaned in (yes, I invented that new form of the word, bite me, AutoCucumber) and had an opportunity to catch up on some of our television shows. More accurately, cable and Netflix shows, but we do watch them on a television … most of the time.

The first “Golden Age of Television” encompasses the advent of programming, news and serials, and ends in the 1960s. Obviously there were quality shows then: we met Lucy and Desi, among so many other icons that if I were to list them, well, we’d be here for a month. Again, I have things to do today.

The trend seems to be calling the next good era the Second, or even Third, Golden Age. I find that rather silly. There is no comparison with what passes the censors now compared to back then. That is why I went with “Platinum” in my title. The eras should be differentiated.

Jurassic Period certainly isn’t followed by the Second Jurassic, so hopefully you see my side of this. If not, well, I agree to disagree with respect.

Can you imagine the reaction of the Greatest Generation if a show like Sons of Anarchy or Nip/Tuck were to be aired in their prime time?  Yeah, my mental image of that was humorous.

My Companion and I watch several genres, but lately it’s been fantasy/sci-fi/mystery types. We’re big fans of Doctor Who (which actually may fall under the original Golden Age considering the first time it was introduced to viewers), Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, like that. We’ve been spending a lot of time in the Marvel Comics Universe, too, between the movies and assorted shows on Netflix.

I have to say, Netflix does one hell of a job. The shows are gritty, more real feeling with actual injuries remaining until the next day instead of a perfect looking celeb reading lines off like there is no backstory. We recently finished Luke Cage and are really looking forward to Iron Fist, to be followed by the Defenders.

My favorite in this genre is Jessica Jones. That may be due to David Tennant being involved. I loved him in Who, and he’s amazing in this series. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend checking it out.

My all time favorite series, however, is one I mentioned previously. Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy will reign supreme for quite a while.


Often called Shakespeare on Motorcycles, the show encompassed every human emotion and reaction possible. It was all believable. The twists, the turns, ultimately made sense.

What I found truly amazing is that when they ended it after the seventh season (which we’ve finally decided is the perfect length for dramas these days), there weren’t any loose ends left to be tied up, no story lines that contradicted themselves later on. And if one understood how Sutter’s mind worked towards the middle/end, one could have predicted how it would end.

There are many rumors of spin-offs. I know the Mayans are getting one and I’m looking forward to that. Another rumor of a prequel season that encompasses the Original Nine would be … somehow I don’t have the words.

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