Be Careful What You Wish For

Day 21 of the #WingWritingChallenge is upon us. I’m laughing very, very hard over here because it seems so damned appropriate. If I am not careful, I may actually bust a gut thus proving some idioms are accurate. The topic? Change in Weather.

I have been complaining for … well, several months now that it’s hot as Hades here in Florida. As all of my friends are posting pictures of walks among the changing leaves, and how they’re getting their jackets and gloves out, I’m over here sweating bullets on my balcony and praying for a cold front. Author JC Wing(nut) I mean Wing is guilty of this, seeing as she’s in Colorado where it’s just sooooooo pretty. My jealousy may know no bounds. For their weather and reasons.

About a week ago we started hearing whispers about a potential hurricane that could impact us. After having gone through My First Hurricane – Hermine I was somewhat excited as Hermine wasn’t much of anything and I’m a curious sort.

The whispers turned into mumbles, and then grumbles, and then all out panic mode. “Matthew will kill you! This is no joke!” says our awful, slimy, creepy Governor who looks too much like the 1970’s Lex Luther for me to be comfortable.

We went for supplies Thursday morning, and were safely ensconced in our home before the weather began changing. Yes, Thursday was a day like most. Some rain and clouds and they were moving quickly across the sky, but it felt like a normal day.

That didn’t last.

We had some pretty heavy rain bands. Those weren’t bad, they felt like standard Florida storms. The bands came through in cycles to where we could predict when the next rain would hit without checking the radar.


Lex Luther on crack … I mean Governor Scott … put a curfew in effect and most people seem to have followed it. We’ll be allowed back out in public Saturday morning at 7.

The gusting winds, however, are more than I’ve seen since I moved here. I am in Orlando and for a while there, the professionals were sure we were going to see the worse of it. Fortunately the storm stayed off of the coast and continues to move north.

The pressure has fallen and risen. Not too surprisingly, neither my body, nor My Companion’s, were thrilled with the dropping pressure. My back and neck were screaming by the end of it, his back and shoulders.

The pressure is rising once again. Of course it is now that my body got used to the lower side. Now I’m aching in the other direction. It’s weird.

So, you would think that this kind of wind and rain would usher in new weather, maybe cooler conditions.


I went out on the balcony and, in between the wind gusts … it’s still hot. And humid.

I believe I’ve learned my lesson. I will no longer sit and wish and pray for a weather change. My apologies to everyone who paid the price for my wishes of a cool breeze.

If you go over to My Facebook Author Page I put up two videos, one of our initial rain band, and one of the gusting winds when I woke up this morning – because I slept through the worst of it.  Apparently our building shook once.

Out of all of the coverage of the storm, I have to give South Carolina as my favorite. The guy who signs for their public officials is awesome. I hope he has a Twitter we can follow.

So, my friends, be careful what you wish for, you may just get it – or something deadly that will make you appreciate what you were wishing away in the first place.

Enjoy your Friday!


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