She’s Crafty – And She’s Just My Type

Day 20 of the #WingWritingChallenge is crafty

Immediately my head went to the Beastie Boys, and now I’m rocking that song 8 days a week … oh, wait, not quite right. Song meld? Why not?

It saddens me that one of the Beastie’s passed on from cancer, and the rest of them (and us) will qualify for Social Security before we know it. Assuming Social Security is still around for the Gen X’ers, anyway. When did life catch up to us? I thought we were all running far too fast for that.

In case you miss this song as much as I do, here’s the link: Beastie Boys She’s Crafty Official Video

Sly is a word that seems to go along with crafty.

Do you know a sly guy? Does he like pie? No clue why I started to rhyme …

perhaps because Hurricane Matthew is coming and I’m running out of time?

Speaking of Matthew, I woke up this morning and played Scorpions “Rock You Like a Hurricane”. Can you tell I’m feeling musically inclined today? Life should have a soundtrack – and sound effects. I often give inanimate objects voices and effects. Why not? We’re all in this together.

Okay, I went roaming far and wide on this one. I don’t believe I’ve ever used the word crafty to describe someone who doesn’t knit or make other creative things with string or glue or yarn or something. Perhaps it’s time to start?

In reality, I am a somewhat crafty person – by both definitions, thank you very much. I try not to use deceit but I will manipulate the crap out of a situation if it achieves my goals and won’t harm anyone. Many people do that, often unconsciously. I don’t hold it against them. I think the ability comes along with the bullshitter’s gene so many people have in abundance.

It’s the assholes abusing the ability that makes me feel agitated.

As far as the other definition of crafty goes, yes, I do have a few hobbies that fall under this.

I like to color. I started with mandalas and crayons like many people, and moved on to actual books and pencils. I haven’t colored in a while, mostly because the writer’s cramp from that was contradicting the typists cramp I get when I’ve been on the laptop too long. It results in full hand pain instead of palm or finger webbing. Ugh.

I also like to crochet. I know only one method, and I’ve rocked it for twenty years. For a while I was making blankets for my friends up in Michigan and I would use the leftover yarn to make either scarves for them, or smaller blankets for their pets, depending on how much yarn I had left.

From what I understand, all of those blankets are still in use. One of the scarves I handed out like candy actually helped to save a life. Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?

A doctor friend had his car break down in the middle of winter. He didn’t have his coat (a freaking doctor!! What the hell??) or gloves. He wrapped the scarf around his neck four times (I make them long for this purpose) and managed to stay warm until he could get a ride to come pick him up.

Thanks to him, everyone still gets blankets and scarves from me now. You just never know when one will come in handy. I admit I’ve fallen off in the habit since moving to Florida. It feels weird to make a blanket meant for snow in a place that’s always warm.

The last bit of crocheting I did was a blanket I made for my mother for Christmas last year. I almost waited too long to make it, but managed to jam it out in time through liberal use of audio books and the pain killers I was already on for my back.

The cat is included for scale:


Pretty, right? And completely lopsided. I never did master making it uniform shape.

My mother taught me how to crochet. She had to do it twice as I simply didn’t have the patience the first time around. Once I figure out how soothing it could be, well, I was hooked, so to speak. My mother has since picked up knitting. She likes the larger needles.

I was always anti-knitting. That was for the little old lady in the Tweety Bird cartoons, not me! I’m a trend setter! Yeah, right.

My mother actually seems to be a trend setter. She was coloring before that took off, and I have a feeling knitting will, too. I like that “retro” things come back around in style. Every now and again I have to ask her what she’s working on and then I’ll know what’s going to be popular in two years.

My mom is more than crafty, she’s handy as well. She can build things, like bookshelves and flower boxes and other things that begin only in her head. She can fix leaking pipes and install a toilet. She would have installed the ceiling fans in her newer house but her friend beat her to it. I have yet to come across something she hasn’t been able to figure out, in some fashion at least.

My mother is a Baby Boomer. Her parents went through seriously difficult economic times when everyone had to fend for themselves and their neighbors, and they taught all three of their children how to make what they need or make do. It’s fascinating, really.

Any time you read one of my strong female characters, it’s my mother and my grandmother’s influence. Anna creates flower boxes in Freedom’s Treasure, Marie isn’t going to be locked away in a room, she’s going to figure out an escape.

Mom’s influence.

Once again I roamed far and wide on this one. Like a yo-yo I must be reeled back in. We went from Beastie Boys to manipulation to coloring and knitting to, well you were there, why am I telling you these things?

And Hurricane Matthew is once more letting his presence be known so I must bow back out. Hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow for day 21!

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