Special Memory – 40th Birthday Edition

The topic for day 19 of the #WingWritingChallenge is special memory.

This is our third consecutive 30 day writing challenge. We may as well have called it the 120 day writing challenge considering Author Randy Brown is going to be creating our next list in the near future.

I remind readers of this because each and every one of these challenges has been asking about special memories. I’m not saying that I’m running out – I’ve lived a full life so far (with no intention of stopping) and I do have – and will have – lots to share yet. The problem I’m having now is deciding which stories are special.

It’s difficult to concentrate today. We’re under Hurricane Watch as Matthew is preparing to rip the state of Florida – and much of the east coast – asunder within the next couple of days.

The Weather Channel is on a constant loop in our home as we watch to see what this thing is doing. It’s expected to reach Orlando Thursday night or Friday during the daytime, and should be somewhere between a category 3 or 4. Here is a view of the hurricane from the International Space Station.


That’s exciting, right? Admittedly I wrote about My First Hurricane – Hermine not all that long ago, but come to find out that will be a squall compared to what’s coming.


I enjoy firsts – first kiss, first date, first grade … one of those things is not like the others. What’s so special about this first of the first real hurricanes?

Well, it’s like the greatest prank gift that could be passed around for my birthday. Yes, I’ve officially reached a milestone year and instead of celebrating however I see fit, it appears we’ll be watching the rain and wind, and praying we have power come Sunday so that I can watch football games.

Lord help us all if I have to miss a week of NFL football. The season is short enough already.

I may have to order an ice cream cake to make up for the injustice of it.

“A.K., seeing as your planned festivities are now in the trash can, how were you going to celebrate your birthday this year?”

We hadn’t actually decided. We were considering dinner and a movie this weekend, and technically that thought hasn’t changed. It’s just a question of whether or not the theaters and restaurants are running on generators or normal power.

In the spirit of trying new things, I probably would have requested a ride around the Eye of Orlando, over on International Drive. I like to do touristy things when I can.

The Orlando Eye is a giant ferris wheel – similar to the one in London. It takes about half an hour to go round. I’d really like to do that and get the bird’s eye view of my new hometown. We’re going to have to put that off for a weekend.


There’s also a wax museum … OH! OH! I desperately want to go to a gator farm. I don’t know how far away from Orlando we would have to go, but that is on my list of things I want to do in Florida. I’m not sure that’s a birthday appropriate event and I don’t really care.

Aw, man! For a moment there I was getting more excited for the weekend. And then I remember that Matthew is coming. Like he’s a shitty houseguest we have to prepare for. Sigh.

“Did you stock his toilet paper? You know Matthew likes the soft stuff.”

“Honey, did you change the sheets? Matthew is bound to leave a mess.”

“Matthew is on a gluten free diet, let’s try to have fun with that!”

“Matthew called, he’s not sure when his plane is getting in so we have to sit around and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait …”

We can push celebrating off until next weekend, but then we run into My Companion’s birthday. His is exactly one week after mine. My sister in law’s is one week after his. My family is pretty busy with birthday wishes every October.

We were going to do dinner and Halloween Horror Nights for his. Suddenly that sounds way better than staring at wind and rain and trying to avoid feeling as old as dirt.


Am I actually jealous that My Companion doesn’t have bad weather in his birthday forecast? I suppose I am.

I do believe I’ll take a pass on the official topic of special memory today. I’ll hold off and write that one the day the storm has moved on up the road.

In the meantime I will totally accept all sorts of gifts for my birthday, including Corvettes, solid gold bars, and special wishes. Oh and candy bars. Lots and lots of candy bars, but please no coconut.

Just for fun, here’s another photo of Matthew, my pain in the ass weekend houseguest:






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