Sustenance, Sustenance, Where Art Thou?

This was prepared on Sunday and then completely forgotten about when I returned home. I was just in time to watch my Lions lose. 1 and 3 is not where I wanted them to be at this point in the season, obviously. Anyway, sorry for the delay!

Day 16 of the #WingWritingChallenge asks? suggests? in the fridge. This’ll be short. Hah.

Even though we moved in five months ago, the fridge is real overly empty. We haven’t been doing all that much grocery shopping.

We live on the third floor and it’s suggested I not carry too much up them. Bad back and neck. My Companion is happy to act as Sherpa, but the last thing I am going to do after he works is ask him to carry a bunch of bags up the stairs.

So I shop by necessity every few days. No milk or eggs, we don’t use much. Huh.

Right this moment we have a cold pizza, butter, some leftover amazing pasta My Companion made last night, coffee creamer, mustard, mayo, one beer, and some Mexican cheese. Oh, and one can of Coke

The thing is clean!! The freezer has three bags of veggies and some stuffed chicken breasts. Sounds like we should be starving, doesn’t it?

I’m writing this while in line at the grocery store. Technology makes life interesting, convenient, and fun. Not that standing in line is fun, bad back/neck and all – but I mind it a little less today.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of my fridge! Football games will be starting soon so I will see you tomorrow!!

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