Much Obliged

Day 17 of the #WingWritingChallenge is a simple grateful.

I’m going to say right off the bat, my head went directly to the Grateful Dead. This happens far too often in my life. Now I’m listening to one of their Best Of albums while I write this post. The music is bound to leave me in a mellow, creative mood.


I enjoy the words much and obliged together. It’s a fun way to say thank you.

When I say it, hear it, read it, I imagine a cowboy in an old west saloon, tipping his hat and saying, “much obliged,” for a glass of whatever poison they were drinking. The cowboy hat is black, the clothes are brown and dusty. It’s a split second day dream that I like so I try not to overuse the phrase. Have I ever mentioned that I have quite the lively imagination?

There is much that I’m grateful for in my life. We’re reaching that time of year when people start listing those off on a regular basis. We have a whole holiday for it.

Speaking of – I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. We weren’t in an awful place last year, mentally, et cetera, but we are doing far better now. Orlando is beginning to suit us. Hey! That’s something I’m thankful for! Very nice!

Once pumpkin spice reaches my timeline I know the “30 Days of Gratitude” posts are going to begin. And then when we reach December, well, it starts all over again, doesn’t it? I find it fascinating how grateful for things we are when it’s cold outside. That and how much people seem to like pumpkin spice.


You do realize that stuff could be available year round, right? We don’t have to swaddle ourselves in it for three months. It’s okay, I swear. And put the Uggs away! Pull up your pants! And get those kids off of my lawn!

Whoops! I started showing my age for a minute there. Where was I?

Right, I was talking about the holidays. How does that happen before Halloween every year? Hell, how does that happen before the middle of October? Ridiculous. I get it, Christmas and Thanksgiving are fun, sweet, and sentimental, but we are seriously overloading it on every year.

It starts earlier, and people complain earlier, and it feeds upon itself like a snake eating its tail until, before you know it, we’re going to be talking about the upcoming holidays in February.

“My goodness, where did the year go? February already? I’d better get shopping! Only 40 Fridays until Christmas”! Or whatever it would be. I’m not counting days for this post. I’m already feeling slightly annoyed with myself for mentioning this crap because now I’m 100% guilty of what I was complaining about.

*shakes head clear*

In the spirit of the #WingWritingChallenge I will share that I’m grateful for all of you! I have many friends, family, and readers that are taking this trip, and I could never find a way to tell you how much that means to me.

I hope this Monday finds you in a pleasant head space. If not, you may borrow this rainbow for meditation purposes. See you tomorrow!





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