If Wishes Were Horses

That title is quite out of date. It’s time to modernize it, don’t you think? If wishes were books everyone would read … or something. I don’t know. It’s early for me yet, or feels that way. I may need a second round of coffee.


Day 15 of the #WingWritingChallenge is upon us! We’re halfway through. From what I understand, Author Randy Brown will be creating our next 30 day challenge. I’m quite curious what he’ll choose to do. I asked random questions, Author JC Wing went with random words essentially drawn from a hat. I guess we’ll all sit here excitedly rubbing our hands together until we know.

As you can see, today’s topic is wishes or more formally  I wish … 

I have a few, I won’t lie. My Companion has one or two as well. We’re both realists though idealism flows heavy through my soul. Honestly, he and I both drew blanks because the list can be long. We tried to drop it into categories and even that was overwhelming. So I’ll share just a few.

My Companion: would like to win the lottery we hardly ever buy tickets for so that he could quit his job and teach coding and computers to the next generation.

He’d also like it if the US had the same internet speeds as the rest of the world, and for the same cost. Did you know other countries have speeds 4x as fast as ours for about 1/8 the cost? Seems crazy, eh? But that’s what happens when your country doesn’t upgrade its infrastructure and allows monolithic cable companies to set the prices. This is one of my wishes as well.

He wishes for me to become a best-selling author, or even a mid-lister. I compare that one with winning the lottery but at least I can actually work towards this wish.

Mine: I wish teleportation were an actual thing. I would love to see my family 1800 miles away at the drop of a hat, and without having to fly. Airports and planes wreak havoc on my ouchie body. It would bring the Ding Dong Ditch thing to a whole new level, along with Hide and Seek.

I wish my body wasn’t ouchie.

I wish my pets could talk, because there are times they want to share important information and seem frustrated when I don’t understand. I wonder if they can see the future and are trying to warn me about the 2016 election.

I wish my friends had everything they needed to live a successful life.

I wish Florida had seasons and that the leaves would change color. I miss that. My birthday is coming up and it seems like the leaves were always peak color right around then.


I feel like I could go on and on for days about wishes, but then I wouldn’t get anything else done and I’d have to wish for more time in the day. Or I’d wish that I had fewer wishes. Maybe next time we need to put the genie cap on these topics.

Oo oo! I have one final one. I wish I had some of my coffee around right now – breakfast blend – instead of having run out and forced to drink My Companion’s brew, which is super dark. Super dark coffee is weird.


We all have wishes. What are yours?

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