Random Page Sample – Freedom’s Song

Hello, all! How I’ve missed you! It’s been too long since last we spoke. Okay, so it was yesterday, but you can’t blame me for missing you, right? You’re special to me, my friends.

Today is day 14 of the #WingWritingChallenge and the word(s) suggested are Page 42. The last time I was challenged to share a page I had not written that far into the book yet. I am quite excited that this time I can use my WIP (Work In Progress).

Quick stage set: Freedom’s Song is the sequel to Freedom’s Treasure, the first in my soon-to-be Baldwin series. We are working with characters who had brief mentions in Freedom’s Treasure, but played nice parts in the adventure.


Colby Price – Our hero. He’s a regular guy who loves his life in a small town. He runs the local hardware store with his sister Tami. He’s been crushing on Nancy for a while now.

Nancy Delhomme-Dockett – Our heroine. She’s in the midst of a divorce. She’s new to Baldwin. On the day she receives her soon-to-be final divorce papers she heads over to the local tavern to sing some karaoke. There she bumps into Colby.

What you’re about to read: Nancy and Colby are leaving the bar. They discover a box that has two 3 week old kittens in it; a ginger striped and a grey tuxedo kitty.

PAGE 42:

“You are very welcome. We probably shouldn’t separate them right away. Which would you prefer, day or night shift?”

“Are we co-parenting these babies?” Nancy asked and winked at Colby. He grinned.

“I suppose we are. We’ll have to figure out their religion and schooling soon. We don’t want to fight about that in front of them. It may leave them traumatized.”

Nancy laughed. “I have a feeling they’re Buddhist. I’ll take nights. Again, you have a job and I don’t. I mean, I can take care of them during the day, too, if you prefer.”

“Trust me, you’re going to need to sleep sometime. Like human babies, they’re going to need attention every few hours.” Colby replied. “I can pick them up each morning and they can hang out here with me during the day. We can swap them back out each evening until they’re old enough to separate.”

And then I can see you every day, Colby thought.

“I guess that means I have the night shift.” Nancy grinned. “Let’s get what they need and get them settled. Should I bring that box in? That seems like a good way to move them.”

“Yeah, but let me grab some newspaper or blankets. We can make a nest that will keep them warm. This is a temporary solution. They will quickly outgrow that box.” Colby went back to the front of the store and came back with a bag of supplies.


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