Hold the Marshmallows, Please

Day 13 of the #WingWritingChallenge had me giggling about marshmallows even before I had my first cup of coffee. I hold a special affinity in my heart for those, and for mushrooms, even though I seriously dislike both foods.

We’ll start with marshmallows – a word that is a PITA for children to spell. I used to love these things. Toasted over a fire, of course. Don’t we all have a story where we were roasting them, one starts on fire, and we fling it somewhere bad because we’re kids and don’t know NOT to do that?


I outgrew my marshmallow eating abilities. They remind me of chewing on a teaspoon of peanut butter but without the flavor.

Small doses every now and again, like when the kids were addicted to Lucky Charms, are okay. I hate myself afterward because of the sticky sweetness on my teeth, it doesn’t like to brush off.

And now that we covered the marshmallows – including a foreshadow by mentioning Lucky Charms – let’s move on to mushrooms.

Another word that can be a PITA to spell for children, mushrooms are just … wrong. On so many levels.


I have a thing about textures with my food. I believe it’s part of my anxiety eating thing, but it could simply be that mushrooms are disgusting, an abomination.

Maybe that’s just me.

The niblings are not fans of mushrooms. This plays into fun stuff starting …


I lived with my brother and sister-in-law for a period of time. It made sense seeing as I was there nearly every weekend. Ultimately that didn’t work out, but I think we’re all closer as a family for it.

They have two little ones who aren’t so little anymore. When I was living there, we had some word confusion going on. No matter how many times we corrected them, marshmallows became mushrooms and vice versa.

“Mom, can we order pizza?”

“Sure!” *Mom calls the pizza place* “We’d like a deluxe. What comes on that? Right, Okay, that’s all fine but -” *Mom gets interrupted*


I now find myself wondering what a marshmallow pizza would taste like.

Flip side of that is the next morning when I’m trying to help them get breakfast.

“Aunt AK, can we have the cereal with the mushrooms?”

*Looks blankly through the cabinets* “I don’t see one, sweetie, how about the one with marshmallows? You like that one.”


I had the kid climb onto the counter to show me what he meant. Of course he pulled out the Lucky Charms. Are one of the Charms a mushroom? I have no idea.

The poor kid was confused, of course. The parents picked them up a marshmallow gun (instead of foam darts it shot rock hard, stale marshmallows. I think I prefer the soft darts) and we spent many an afternoon searching for “mushroom bullets”.

So, yeah, as much as I dislike both of those foods, the mushrooms and the marshmallows, I actually do like them in a clinical sense.

And TJ, this picture is for you. Someone made marshmallows that look like mushrooms.

This would have blown the child’s mind two years ago …


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