In The Mirror

Day 8 of the #WingWritingChallenge has the topic of “In The Mirror”. I somewhat covered this in my Reflection (Deux Fois) (Reflection Twice) posting a few days ago, but there is definitely more that can be said.

We all look in the mirror. Hopefully it’s on a daily basis, and at least once. I’m constantly in and out of rooms with large mirrors so I’m constantly seeing my own reflection, and then blocking it out.

Quick check to make sure the hair isn’t standing on end – it usually is – and then off and running to the next room, project, or task. I have the double double single cowlicks so, yeah. It’s one of the reasons I have super short hair. If left to its own devices, it would turn into a wavy Duck Ass (that greaser style from the 1950s. Watch Grease, kids) with an Alfalfa or Ed Grimly (SNL Martin Short, use Google, kids) pointer section in the back.




No, thank you, I’m good, I swear. I do believe I’ll continue to go to near military short instead. My current cut is like an old lady haircut without being an old lady. Although I am approaching middle age, I suppose? I don’t know.

What is 40? Besides the new 30? Or is that the new 20? We should take a poll among the Gen X’ers and see what they say.

Back to the task at hand. My eyes are super blue. They can be startling at times. When I want to mess with people I will wear certain eye shadows and sunglasses, with a blue shirt. Whip off the shades and you can see people flinch back. The main check in the mirror daily is to ensure there are no eye boogies because ew.

Did you know that’s actually bacteria and can lead to awful, awful things? Keep it in mind.

The eyebrows are waxed because I, too, care about the extinction of monobrows. Vanity has me asking the stylist to enhance the natural arch.

When I’m tan enough, which I am right now, my eyebrows blend completely into skin tone and it becomes difficult for the waxer to do their job. Sorry, not sorry? They’re a neutral brown and work well with every color I have ever dyed my hair. Thanks for making life easier, eyebrows!

A straight nose, it’s tricky. From the front it looks like everyone else’s. From the side, it’s long. I’m not talking Cyrano De Bergerac long, but it’s noticeable that it doesn’t quite match my face. Once upon a time I dreamed of a nose job to shorten it a touch, but then I started watching Nip/Tuck. As soon as I became aware of how they do those things, I decided that I am perfect just the way that I am.

I’ve always liked my mouth, don’t know why. The top lip has a little bow, sorta. It’s cute. Imagine me shrugging.

The chin is narrow, as is the face shape in general. I like it, no complaints.

Long, graceful neck that is currently as stiff as a board – I have a herniated disc in the thing, driving is not fun – that’s connected to skinny shoulders that are often tight as hell. I’ve been working out in physical therapy, becoming stronger. My shoulders are letting me know that they are not enthusiastic about this process.

I certainly don’t see a 40 year old when I look in the mirror. I’m often astonished that this much time has gone by in my life. It was just yesterday that I threw everything into a Saturn and bailed for Arizona.

But it wasn’t yesterday. That was half of my lifetime ago.

I don’t see someone approaching lower middle age – but I do see someone who is content with who they are in life, and working their way towards exuberantly thrilled. That has to be a good thing, right?

All of life is a journey of self-discovery. All that we do, all that we learn, becomes a part of us. Our life is etched into our features. It’s difficult to hate the reminders of everything that I’ve done, and I refuse to. Even the things that I am ashamed of make me who I am, and I need those parts. Without them, how could I write all that is life?

So, my friends, that is what I see when I look in the mirror. How about you? Do you, like me, turn your reflection into a symbolic reflection of self so as to avoid remembering that you need a hair cut and the last time you trimmed your brows yourself, big bangs were in style?

Okay, maybe that last part is just me.



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