Vacation Properly

The #WingWritingChallenge waited until day 7 to suggest the topic of vacation. I’ve been rubbing my hands together gleefully while waiting for this one.

Who doesn’t want to talk about vacation? I mean, damn, we’re all putting in our forty hours and there’s no better way to get through that than dream of sun soaked beaches, chilly mountain tops, ski lodges, and gorgeous, glorious cruises.

I may have gotten a wee bit wistful there.

I make no secret of the fact that I live in Florida. We were in a small town near Tampa, now we’re in Orlando, one of the most popular vacation spots on this planet. Or it feels that way, at least.

I work from home, we’ve established that many times. That means I can do pretty much whatever catches my fancy during the day. Isn’t that the essence of vacation?

My Companion works a high stress position at a rather large company. When we take vacation, he wants to feel as far away from the work place as possible. When he worked for the global telecomm this was one thousand times more true. He was always on call, even on vacation. It was … unpleasant to witness.

My Companion has taken vacation to all new levels.

When I was young, vacation was spending a week in a tent near one of the Great Lakes. I loved those trips! No lie. We also spent time in Baldwin, long weekends and the like.

None of those trips has been like the trips we take now.

We’re not going to stay home and go to Disney, but we do plan easy driving distances. It’s rather surprising what you can find near to home, if you look hard enough.

One of our favorite vacation spots is Anna Maria, Island. They live on Island Time. I find that suits me. When I first published At Wit’s End through TCTSNBN, their library was the first to receive a donated copy.

My Companion surprised me last time we went. It was a five day journey, staying in an adorable bed and breakfast off of Bridge Street. If we can’t find a decent condo to rent next time, we’ll be staying there again. He asked for the Honeymoon package, again, as a surprise. He’s good at those.


We listened to steel drums, sipped champagne, and honestly forgot the rest of the world existed.


The B&B leaves little rubber duckies in the room. They’re for the purpose of taking around the island and taking fun, creative photos. The funny part of that is we were already on a rubber duck trip. A friend of ours who bartended at our local bar had been adopting out ducks for weeks. We were the surrogate parents of 4 of them.

They had quite the intriguing romance and heartbreak stories I think I’ve ever told. And they were ducks. We’re clever that way.


So, if you’re looking for somewhere to spend a week, try Anna Maria Island. The locals are awesome, the view can’t be beat.

For our next vacation, we’re looking at a cruise. I’m not sure how I’m going to talk My Companion into doing the Nick Jr one. I’d like to meet Phineas & Ferb.

Well, readers? Who doesn’t love this topic? Where’s your dream vacation? Let me know in comments!

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