My Guilty Pleasures

This is Day 5 of the #WingWritingChallenge, and the topic is guilty pleasure(s).

I have been racking my brain for most of the morning while trying to figure out what to write for today’s post. When I read the topic I thought this would be easy. Everyone has at least one guilty pleasure, whether it be reading until 3 am, skipping chores to go sit outside and do something/anything/nothing, or even eating ice cream for dinner.

It’s three hours later and I still haven’t come up with one.

Am I thinking too hard? Perhaps, perhaps not. Let’s see if I can break down my thought process for you.

For most of my life finances have been tight. Once upon a time the $9.99 I dropped on a new paperback book could have given me more than a quarter tank of gas (petrol)  in most of my vehicles. That generally brought on a feeling of guilt, especially when I would be stressing gas (petrol) leading up to the next payday.

“If only I hadn’t blown my wad on that book I read in 6 hours, that I will probably only read once this year, things would be going a lot smoother right now.”

Eating snack food for a meal is a common guilty pleasure, or straight up eating the roll of raw cookie dough from Pillsbury, because who hasn’t done that? With my weight issues, if I am eating then I am happy. There is no guilt for that. I can eat a salad later on this evening or something, is how I justify it. And I often do eat the salads so at least I’m not deluding myself.

For so many years I had wallowed in the guilty pleasures that lower middle class people enjoy. It’s a special feeling, one we should all embrace in our lifetime – if not a few times a month.

My Companion grew up somewhat affluent. He’s used to a standard of living that used to make my mind boggle. He’s been broke in his lifetime, of course, and now has a killer job that provides a very comfortable salary.

This comfortable salary provides us with a standard of living that would have made me want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head to hide back in the day. Now I am getting used to it.

The thought of blowing extra money on First Class airplane tickets instead of the cattle corral that is Economy used to make me twitchy. I considered it an absolute waste of money, pointless, something that leads to a sense of entitlement. Now that I’ve flown that way, it’s really nice. I can totally see why people prefer First Class.

At 6′ 2″ My Companion has long legs and First Class gives him room to stretch out. It’s damn near a necessity now. The seats are also wider, giving him more space in general. From my experience the meals and other benefits aren’t that great, except the wine is free. I refuse to argue with free wine. Getting a buzz on while a mile up in the air is a whole other experience that I’m glad I’ve had.

In Economy I am usually jammed into a window or middle seat. I’m not assertive enough to maintain control of armrests so end up uncomfortable. My passive aggressive revenge is to make sure my neighbor sees me sit criss cross apple sauce in the seat, showing that my knees aren’t getting bashed by the seat in front of me.

It’s hard to feel guilty for wanting to be comfortable, and I don’t anymore.


Going out to eat in general used to leave me feeling awful. Several times in my life I could have bought a week’s worth of groceries on what we blew for one meal. Now? Not so much.

Getting a mani/pedi? The very first time I did it … oh, man. I found an inexpensive place that does a good job and spent $40 on making my toes and fingernails look pretty. Again, when you’re broke $40 can go a long way. I had to fight the guilt on that one. It’s still a needless expense, but I refuse to feel bad for wanting to make myself feel nice after all the years of feeling like I was barely treading water.

But you know what else goes a long way? Knowing your toes are well manicured and a really cute color underneath those annoying work shoes. That knowledge saves my sanity.

I don’t know … I’m curious about your guilty pleasures, dearest of readers. What are yours? Do you still feel the guilt or do you call it guilty pleasure because you know you should feel guilty and don’t …?

Oh! Oh! I came up with one! Between the #30DayWritingChallenge, the #AKwritingChallenge, and the #WingWritingChallenge, I have offered a window into my life. I’ve peeked into the other writer’s lives, and that, my friends, is my guilty pleasure. Eavesdropping, reading, learning the inner workings even when my subject is unaware …

And that sounds vaguely sinister. I should probably call it a day! See you tomorrow for day 6!




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