No BFF, No Problem

Day 3 of the #WingWritingChallenge suggested “Best Friend” as a topic yesterday. Yes, I am still running a day behind but that is about to change. Yay!

I am not a BFF kind of person. It took me until my thirties to figure that out, and then to come to terms with it, but I have.

I used to get depressed because I didn’t have this group of friends – or even one specific friend – who knew everything about me and loved me anyway to the point they would help me hide an (un)intentional body. It seemed like every TV show, book, movie, was a buddy comedy/drama/adventure. They left me feeling like something was wrong with me, that I don’t make those kinds of connections.

Don’t get me wrong, I still remain friends with my group from high school and they love me, but they don’t really know me anymore. You could ask them. Same in that I don’t actually know them all that well now, but I would still drop a house on a bitch if, for example, the “other Angie” asked me.


I married my best friend, which definitely puts My Companion in the BFF category, but like the other participants in this challenge, I consider that on the very edges of what this topic is about. First Kiss, Last Love

I also made a promise to him back when we first met and started dating, that I would protect his privacy from the very public persona I am currently engaged as. Thus the reason I call him My Companion with occasional slip ups where I use his initials or straight up name. Thankfully he forgives the small lapses.

I am an independent individual. I tend to move around a lot. I meet a lot of acquaintances, but no one that sticks permanently.

Did you know maintaining friendships is hard work? Especially when you can’t tag someone to go meet at the bar for a quick game of billiards because they live five states away. This is the same reason I don’t get tagged for baby showers and small house parties.

The Internet and Social Media are fantastic for keeping in touch but that connection is tenuous, fleeting. It’s easy to ignore the beep of a phone or a Facebook notification while continuing on with the daily necessities.

I’ll go in streaks. High school friends came to Florida and we visited for a few hours. It was great! We talked, laughed, I met their children and it was a lot of fun. We chatted some after they left to go back home, and now we’re back to liking statuses without any real communication. Such is life.

Same thing with a guy I called Renaldo the Wedding DJ in another post. We’ll be on the phone every day for a week and then not speak for six months, but we always pick up exactly where we left off.

I’m okay with where I am at with friendships in my life. I have my family, and they work quite well as friends. They would definitely help me hide the (un)intentional body, though it’s more likely they would ask my help than the other way around on that. I take my frustrations with people out on my characters. It’s way healthier.



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