Shine of Sun, Dream of Day

Hi, everyone! I’m waving wildly at the screen as though you can actually see me.

I’m back with a new writing challenge! We ended the #AKwritingChallenge yesterday and today we are beginning the #WingWritingChallenge.


Author JC Wing created this round of 30 topics. I’m excited to dive in!

The idea is to take the word sun and write about whatever comes to mind. Pretty fun, eh? I’ve always enjoyed word association games.

I am a bunny hugger. I tried to save the trees in the mid-nineties. I was vegetarian for a couple of years in the late nineties. I try to avoid killing most bugs or pests. Bats are one of the exceptions. One day I’ll tell everyone about my experiences with those flying freaks of …

Ahem. Sorry.

Wasps are the other things that are not safe around me. My Companion is allergic to them. That is one of the primary reasons we looked for a screened balcony when we moved to Orlando. I have a special pair of shoes I use to smack them to the ground and then the other shoe – ninja quick – smashes the sucker. And smashes it again to make sure. I’ve also had a bad experience with wasps, but that is a story that shall never, ever be told.

Anywho, part of being a bunny hugger from my teens onward was, of course, being one of those neo-hippies that were so common. The Dead were still around and touring (Deer Creek ’95, baby, there was a riot), Phish had come into their own (surely you’ve seen the other times I’ve mentioned going to this band’s shows, including The Internet Ruined Concert-Going), and Widespread Panic (first time mention on this blog! Woohoo! Welcome to the club WP) was actually starting a panic, widespread, of enthusiasm amongst the spastic noodle dancers we had become.


I grew up on a small lake in Michigan. Small and affluent. I had a lot of friends who owned boats and we spent a lot of time hopping between the party barges (pontoons) and the ski boats. Sail boats were not as prevalent as they took too long to go places.

There was a sandbar where everyone hung out. If the boats were cars, that would be compared to cruising the strip. That was in the southern portion. The north end was the deep. Great for fishing, skiing, and sailing as it was wider at that end. The lake is long and narrow and to drive completely around it was 12 miles.



When I see a photo of a cartoon sun, or the word sun written out in some fashion, it triggers memories. Lovely, comforting memories of lying in the sun on one of the boats and having The Grateful Dead albums playing in the background.

There’s something about the Grateful Dead and summer. They go together like peas and carrots, to quote Forrest Gump. When the day is sunny in a certain way I hear their music in my head, specifically, of course, Sunshine Daydreams.

Often their Best Of album would be playing on different boats in different areas so the gentle chaos of sound could rock me to sleep. It was like nothing bad could happen if you could hear Jerry’s voice.

If I was lucky, Shakedown Street would come on soon after. That’s one I still dance to and shout “Woo!” at appropriate times. I guess that makes me a Woo Girl. Sorta. Huh. Yet another epiphany during a blog post.

Those memories often to lead to one that I cherish.

I visited with a friend in Portland, Oregon. This would be the mid to late nineties. I flew out, flew back home a bit later. It was pretty neat!

His roommates had two dogs. They were a quarter ridgeback wolf, and I’m not sure what the other breed was. Possibly a retriever or lab because of their body and face shapes, but I’m not going to swear to that. The way you could tell the wolf part was they had the ridges down their backs as advertised.

One was a tan/lighter brown, the other was dark brown-nearly black. I’m sure you can guess that one was called Sunshine and the other Daydream.


They were awesome dogs! Friendly and snuggly even if they were seventy pounds. They were exceptionally well trained to where my friend could put them on leashes and let them pull him on his skateboard.

I always thought he was crazy for that maneuver, but I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to some things. There are times I’m clumsy with no body awareness. Those are the days I whack my elbow into doors. Other times I am graceful, like a swan. Or so I’m told. *cough*

Me on a skateboard was a big ole heck no.

Now I’m in Florida. The sun was shining when I started this piece (it suddenly looks like rain), and it’s about ninety degrees out. What is it with the ninety number range today? Sheesh!

It still feels like summer here. I don’t have a boat, but there is a pool. I may have to stick my feet in and whistle a tune.

Wow! There you have it! Day 1 of the #WingWritingChallenge. This was definitely entertaining.

What do you think of when you hear or see sun?



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