What Have I Learned in 60 Days?

My friends, it is the last day of the #AKwritingChallenge! I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Before we say good-bye to the AK challenge and begin the #WingWritingChallenge I have one final AK post.

The question is What have I learned from the 2 writing challenges we have done so far, and specifically what has surprised me?

These are always fun. I tend to retain a lot of memories of what I’ve read and things that surprise or impress me stick especially well.

First and foremost, I’ve made new friends. If you knew me, you’d know that I don’t tend to do that very easily so that was surprising. I move so often that I tend to avoid close connections with people because I will most likely be saying good-bye before we know it.

I may seem open, but I tend to keep my distance. Then again, if you did know me I would have to admit that I have more friends than I thought.

Gracious. I believe I just confused myself, if not you, the Dearest of Readers.

I first met JC Wing through Booktrope Publishing, hereafter referred to as The Company That Shall Not Be Named. I asked her to submit sample edits for At Wit’s End. Though I didn’t choose her as editor, she did become my proofreader. We tried again for Freedom’s Treasure, but that was the exact moment TCTSNBN closed their virtual doors on us.

JC did proofread for me even after and politely absolved me of any debts owed. That doesn’t work for me, but I appreciate the gesture.

Most of our conversations were business oriented in the beginning. Word counts and formatting and the like. Once TCTSNBN closed down we started communicating more through Facebook and Messenger.

She went from someone I know about, to being a pretty close acquaintance, and now friend. We don’t share our deepest, darkest secrets or anything, but these challenges opened a lot of doors and/or windows that I don’t think we imagined they would. Some were happy, some were dark, some were confusing. Several came out more sad than we thought they would.

I have an open invite to come to her state and visit and she has one to mine. I have Disney, they have other things I’m not going to talk about in a blog post my mother and grandmother will see.

Do you remember the Family Member I Dislike post? That was awful. Oh, you missed that one? Check it out here: Sperm Donor. I think those posts of ours showed us how similar we are. I could go back and count the number of times we wrote about the same topic, but I’m lazy.

Feel free to go scroll through both of our FaceBook pages (or my archives for mine) and compare and contrast. It’ll take you all day, but it’s Friday and who wants to work anyway?

Basically, I found a soul sister who is 5 years older than me and lives in the state I always thought I would end up in. She’s a fantastic writer and I’m proud to say I know her. One of us is going to hit it big. Soon. Hopefully one can drag the other along.

I discovered that Randy Brown is a funny ass mofo. Whether that is intentional or not, you would have to ask him. I have rather enjoyed his posts. Randy didn’t use a blog, he used his Facebook posts so you may have to scroll a wee bit.

Carol Cassada is an amazing person who has a kind word for everyone. Bless her heart. Her writing style is quite unique. If you haven’t seen any of her articles, I suggest clicking on that link.

I shouldn’t skip the others who are participating in the AK Writing Challenge, but if I covered everyone we would be here for the weekend and I have sh*t to do! And no, I don’t know why adult AK just bleeped her own language. Or spoke about herself in the third person.

Earlier I mentioned that if you would like to play the next writing game with us, we would love it! We’re doing another 30 day challenge, this one is called the #WingWritingChallenge. You can search that on Facebook now and should be able to find it. Generally it takes a few posts before Google clues in on the hashtags so please be patient.

The #WingWritingChallenge is different than the AKwritingChallenge in that we’re using keywords instead of straight up questions. Day 1 will “Sun”. Who doesn’t have thoughts about the sun? Be they memories, fears, or desperate need to remain strong like SuperMan (me).

That challenge starts tomorrow and I’m pretty excited! If you would like to play along, simply use the hashtag #WingWritingChallenge and tell us about your answers! I look forward to seeing them.



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