Super A.K.!

Day 26 of the #AKwritingChallenge asks what super power I would want. Yet another fun question!

JC Wing did this correctly yesterday. She wants to have healing powers. That is quite noble, and a great idea. Being able to heal people would be fantastic.

Random: What if the flip side of that were that she has to take on their illness for them to be healed? Not a fair question, I’m sure, but would she still choose healing? And how is that book not writing itself?

I am feeling far less altruistic. I mean, yeah, it would be great if I could snap my fingers or wiggle my nose or wave my hand and have myself and the people before me healed. That would be awesome. But that’s not where my head went.

I would like to teleport. I feel like I’ve spent so much of my life commuting or slowly moving across country that instant travel would be ideal for me.

When I lived in Saginaw, MI, and was driving to Grand Rapids, MI, all the time, I used to lament there was not a direct highway to make the trip shorter. As the crow flies would have been an hour. Due to highways that only go across or up and down, it ended up being closer to two hours on average. Figure I did at least 200 of those trips alone in my lifetime, and that’s a lot of hours I could have spent with the kids or talking football with my brother.

It could help with healing. Say there’s a miracle drug in New York but we need it in Florida. I’ll be right back. And off A.K. goes. Wink poof and I’m back with the meds. Or I could take that person to New York and have them get the meds there and not have to involve long lines at the airport or actual flight times.

Of course the movie Jumper comes to mind. I wouldn’t be in bank vaults and stealing things I wanted, of course. That is not even morally ambiguous. Yes, I get that you can, but just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Right?

And after seeing some postings on my timeline, I wouldn’t mind appearing in someone’s room and slapping the crap out of them before merrily poofing my way back to Florida. Yes, I’m thrilled they live in America and have free speech, but that does not protect them from my reactions to their particular speech, especially when it was posted on 9/11.

My way of dealing with this will be to cut and paste their goddamned words and put them on Reddit so I can get some sweet, sweet, bittersweet karma.

Sorry, mini-rant. I put up the posting yesterday about the last time I was angry, and then I saw these posts this morning and I want to re-write yesterday’s post. I won’t, just know that as I sit here writing to you all, I’m simmering in an angry broth.

Back to the matter at hand. Yes, I think teleporting would be awesome! I wouldn’t mind a touch of the fire-starting bug also. That would be quite helpful for those deep candles that need a super long match or spaghetti to light.

Reading minds would be nice, but I’m no Professor X, and I have a feeling that would go badly.

There, fixed the mini-rant by giving out extra answers to today’s (yesterday’s) question. Have a fantastic Tuesday, all!



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