Question for my Favorite Author

Day 27 of the #AKwritingChallenge would like to know: “Your favorite author appeared in front of you, what’s your first question?”

This is a difficult question! For one, it’s asking me to choose a favorite among all of the authors that I love. Once I narrow that down, I’m supposed to know what my first question would be?

I should be banging my head into a desk while I figure this out. It would be less painful.

Let’s check my Kindle and my bookshelves, shall we?

Robert K Tannenbaum, Nora Roberts/JD Robb, John Sandford, Vince Flynn, Kellerman (both Jonathan and Faye but not Jesse, thank you very much), Michael Connelly, Lee Child, and Frank Herbert are all well represented on my Kindle and shelves.

They are all damn good.

I just realized my first question would be the same, no matter who appeared before me.

“Hi! Thanks for coming! How are you today?”

I’m polite like that. Next question would probably be, “How in the hell did you get here?” and I’d be checking for trap doors and other illusionist tricks.

After that we could possibly talk about writing, assuming their first answers didn’t cause follow-up questions. In this case, I would want to talk to Vince Flynn and ask him, well, several questions really, but we’ll start with one in long form.

“Mr Flynn, when you sat down and began writing CIA operative Mitch Rapp, did you already know that you wanted him to be, not morally ambiguous, but so very black and white that he appears morally ambiguous and would appeal to all political parties? So that even when he does things we can’t imagine doing on our worst day, we still like him in the end? Asking for a bunny hugger friend.”

Trust me, there would be a ton of follow up questions once that one was answered.

Unfortunately I will not be able to ask Mr Flynn my question. He passed away from cancer not that long ago.

I cried.


2 thoughts on “Question for my Favorite Author

  1. Oh sweetie, you just crack me up!! You always brighten my day and are fast becoming one of my favorite authors and my question for you would have to be ” when is your next book coming out because your fans are getting getting restless?”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My adoration for you knows no bounds, Miss Lynn! Thank you for all of your support!

      We are looking at one in the hopper that I’d like to have ready by Christmas, but is more likely to come out in February if I want it done right.

      There’s a book out now that I don’t talk about very often, and it’s free through KU if you have that, called Extremity. ****not a romance****.

      It was the very first one I ever wrote., in 2009 I believe. I had been in talks with an editor to start re-working and modernizing it, but our schedules haven’t meshed yet. I love that story … so much …


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