Hulking Out

Hello, all! Once again I am running behind on my #AKwritingChallenge. I missed a couple of days over the weekend, but what do you expect when it’s the official start of the NFL season?

As an aside, GO DETROIT! Love those Lions. They scared the heck out of me on Sunday but they managed to pull it out of their butts, thank goodness, and against a decent team.

To play catch-up, this is for Day 25 of the #AKwritingChallenge. It asks me when the last time I was truly angry. I will post for today’s in a little bit.

I try to stay even keeled. I don’t like being dramatic unless it’s as a joke so I try to keep the strong emotions in check. The negative ones, anyway. I’m also an eternal optimist. Right up until I actually take a bite of the shit sandwich, I’ll keep telling myself at least the bread is fresh and it’s some kind of nourishment …

Until I can’t tell myself that anymore. No matter how you look at it, a shit sandwich is still made out of shit.

I’m not going to include the horrendous month when we moved to Orlando. I was angry every day but that was due to being overwhelmed with the move and everything that could go wrong with it. That and I barely remember that month so it doesn’t count.

More often than not, when I get angry it is on someone else’s behalf. This is one of those times.

Last year My Companion got hurt while on a business trip. He was traveling to Virginia, I believe, and when he pulled his bag off of the belt at the airport, he felt something go. Turns out it was a back strain with nerve involvement.

It sucked that he was hurt. It sucked worse when we got the bureaucratic run around.

Our situation was unique last year. My Companion was working from home with occasional business trips and injured himself on one such trip.

Worker’s Compensation didn’t know how to handle that. Technically he could still work as he didn’t go into an office, but if he worked they wouldn’t cover anything. They were used to dealing with people in construction or service industries who can’t do their jobs from home.

We eventually had to involve a lawyer, which may have made things worse, actually.

Short term and long term disability didn’t want to pay because it was a Worker’s Compensation issue. So that was fun.

His employer was really good about everything. They paid him three weeks of wages when he couldn’t work or get in to see the doctor.

It just … God, it was such a mess.

At one point we had $500 to get through a month on. That included all doc appointments, food, gas, utilities. We made it. Don’t ask me how, but we did. This went on for 3-4 months.

There were mix-ups with My Companion’s care. I don’t know if he fell through the cracks or if the doctor we were forced to see (only spine doc that accepted WC) wasn’t as thorough as they could have been.

One of the meds caused My Companion’s legs to swell. Severely, to the point circulation was cut off. We went to the emergency room, they tested things, and sent us on our way after telling us to see the WC doc.

The WC doc’s office wouldn’t make an appointment for that until we saw his General Practitioner. So we went to his GP as an emergency/walk in appointment.

They got us back in the exam room, heard what the issue was, and refused to treat him. They even refunded the co-pay.

We were stuck. No one would see him.

And that, my friends, is when I lost my shit. We went back to the ER because he was in such pain. At this point My Companion had given up. Have you ever been in such bad pain that maybe, just maybe, a coma doesn’t sound so bad? He was there, at his emotional and physical breaking point.

And that got to me.

I dropped him off at the ER and went to his General Practitioner’s office. I sat in the waiting room until the Office Manager would see me. I laid out the wrath of A.K.

Eventually their Office Manager got on the phone with the WC doc’s office. No agreements were struck. I got the number for the Worker’s Compensation office and called his case worker. They eventually put me in contact with one of their approved nurses.

After explaining what was going on for the 10th time, the case worker set the appointment. Now remember, at this point My Companion could barely walk because of the swelling, not to mention the pain. Have you ever seen an over-stuffed sausage? Like that. With the shiny skin as a casing and everything. I was legit worried his legs were going to explode like a hot dog in a microwave.

We finally get in to see the WC doc. At this point I’m still on slow burn because I completely went off on the GP and the ER and the WC doc’s offices. It must have been bad because I can’t remember what I said, only that we finally got results.

The WC doc looks at his leg for .2 seconds and says My Companion should have expected the tingling in his foot because he has diabetes. Never mind the swelling, that apparently has nothing to do with anything … ?

Well, thank God the WC doc saw us just so we could turn around and try to make another appointment with My Companion’s GP.

That wasn’t going to work for me.

We finally contacted a nurse/health advocate. They found us a new GP who saw him the same day and told him to stop taking the meds the WC doc had prescribed as one of the side effects was, you guessed it, severely swollen legs.

A three day run-around. Ugh. My Companion stopped the meds and the swelling went away. It pisses me off all over again thinking about this situation.

My temper is … unpleasant. My sister has the best take on it, though. A certain look will appear and she’ll whisper, “uh oh”. Sometimes that’s enough to make me chuckle and bring it down a notch or two. She’s an A.K. Whisperer!

I believe in embracing the moment. Emotions included. I’ll fight my temper, but eventually I will lose. One of these days I am going to turn green and start shouting, “A.K. SMASH!” and Orlando will no longer exist.


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