Puppies or Kittens: Demon Spawn or Beatific Perfection?

It is day 22 of the #AKwritingChallenge! We are almost finished with this round of 30 days which is kind of amazing. This one seems to have flown by.

Once we’ve reached the 30th day, my friend JC Wing has created another challenge for us that will be different than this one. How? Instead of having direct categories, we will be given one or two words to essentially riff off of. I’ve had a preview and I’ll admit I’m excited. My brain often goes into weird places based on words. It will be the #WingWritingChallenge

If the challenge is something you’d like to try, you are welcome to join us! Simply contact me or JC or any of the other writers participating. Don’t know how to find one of us? Type #AKwritingChallenge or #30daywritingchallenge into the search bar on FaceBook. We’ll be there. You don’t have to go public with your words. If you’re simply working on your style, you’re welcome to do the challenge with us Journal style for your own edification.

Now, enough dilly dallying! Today’s topic asks Puppies or Kittens? If neither, what’s cuter?

KITTENS!!!!! If you’ve been to any of my pages you could probably have guessed that. I’m constantly posting pictures of Binny. Often Cocoa the Hot Dog, too, but it’s just not the same.

Puppies are absolutely adorable and I say, “Awwwwww!” in that high pitched syrupy tone like everyone else, but there’s something about a sleepy kitten that gets me right in the feels.

I’ve had dogs and cats throughout my entire life. Seriously, there’s always been at least one pet. I grew up thinking it was totally normal and everyone should have a dog and cat, because pretty much everyone did.

As I’ve grown older I see how much work actually goes into a puppy versus a kitten. So, let’s break this down and perhaps we can understand my thought process.

2014-09-24 12.44.11.jpg

Puppies: Their tiny puppy paws smell like popcorn. They lick a lot, and they have sharp teeth they like to nip with. Their little bellies get all round and full when they eat (or drink their momma milk) and they make adorable whimpering noises.

They’re clumsy, often falling over their own paws and ears. They’ll eat or lick anything, including their own poop and the poop of other animals, thus making their breath smell like the opposite of popcorn.

Puppies get big. Fast. I’ve not had many small dogs, usually large breeds like retrievers. Cocoa is probably the smallest dog I’ve adopted though friends have had “toy” versions of things that are cute. So what we see is something that starts out at 5 pounds and promptly gets up to 60. That’s excessive to me.

The adorable things have to be taken outdoors and taught to go potty. It rains outside, and snows. It gets hot to the point I don’t want to go out there.

They have to be taught to stick close to their owner, to eat when told, and do assorted tricks. If they aren’t trained and worked with, they grow bored and bored dogs tend to do real damage. I’ve seen animals chew through walls so they could sleep in a different room. They often bark for no reason. The bigger the dog, the louder the bark.

As they grow and start to teethe, shoes become casualties. Often belts, hats, and anything else with a texture they prefer is open game. Garbage cans must have lids and toilets should have the thing down unless one doesn’t mind a pooch drinking from there.

They must be bathed, walked, played with. Owning a dog is a huge commitment. Not to mention the cost of vet appointments, shots, special food if necessary, like that.


Kittens: They have tiny paws that don’t smell like popcorn. They can curl their paw around your finger similar to a baby, which is freaking adorable. They gnaw with their sharp teeth, too, and it’s different as their teeth feel more like tiny needles. Their itty bitty kitten claws can draw blood without being noticed – like a paper cut.

Their bellies get all round and soft when they drink momma’s milk or eat, and they purr when they’re happy.

Kittens are clumsy, often falling over their own feet and anything within a 3 foot radius. They will eat puke, but not poop, from what I’ve seen, so that’s an advantage right off the bat.

A kitten will curl up on a shoulder, chest, elbow, arm, leg, thigh, and pass out. When they drape themselves across something like they are boneless, I have to stare and be amazed. I want to be that flexible.

Kittens must be trained on a cat box but once they figure it out, they don’t deviate. I confess I’ve had cats who have trained themselves to potty outside rather than a box and I’ll say that’s one of my favorite things.

Cats generally don’t get as large as dogs unless we are talking about the toy sizes again. Once they hit their 9-11 pounds, they are usually done unless you own Garfield. Kittens don’t tend to gnaw and eat shoes but they do like to scratch furniture and people. So there’s that.

Cats do not need to be taught tricks to be entertained. They can be trained, don’t get me wrong. I’ve had cats that like to fetch and sit and roll over but the training portion wasn’t easy or fun.

Kittens do not need walks for exercise. They can race around an apartment chasing shadows and wear themselves out. They generally do this without barking though Binny has been known to make a chittering noise when he gets really excited.

They can be trained to walk, if one wants to put in the energy and time. I’ve posted before about Binny on his leash and how we were working on that aspect. Unfortunately now that we’re on the third floor, I don’t think he’ll be enthusiastic. I couldn’t get him down the stairs from the second floor in the last apartment but that’s because he was being stubborn.

When I want an animal curled into my lap while I read, I don’t care what’s there as long as it lays still. Cocoa does this praying thing with his front paws and it jiggles the entire couch or bed. My kitty lays there and purrs while only occasionally nudging the book/tablet out of my hands when he wants a chin scratch.


Both animals enjoy hanging out on the balcony with me. They like to lay out in the sun about as much as I do. Their heat tolerance is higher, however. When it’s 106 outside, I have to force both of them inside with me. It’s funny, but scary.

Yes, my official answer is that kittens are cuter than puppies but only because I know how much work goes into puppies and that’s the first place my mind goes when I see them. “Oh man, how cute is that dog! Potty training, sit, stay, don’t eat that, come over here, stop that! Hey! Leave it! No, don’t go out the – , someone get the dog, it’s halfway down the street …”




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