My Daily Fail

Whew! Still playing catch-up over here. As you can see we are nearing the end of the #AKwritingChallenge. Fear not, my literate friends, we’ll be starting the #WingWritingChallenge afterwards. You are welcome to join us!

This is for day 20 of the #AKwritingChallenge. The official topic is “Something you should do every day but don’t”.

There are many, many things we humans should do on a daily basis. Eat, sleep, exercise, socialize, floss, perhaps bathe … Often we don’t feel we have the time to accomplish all of that. Weird, right? A lot of these tasks should be natural by the time we reach adulthood.

I’m good about the exercise and sleep, better with the bathing and socializing. I confess I don’t floss daily but who wants to hear about that?

I should call my mom but if I called her daily she would assume something was wrong.

A couple of months ago if one had asked me this question I would have said write, whether it be journals, blogs, or a new book. These writing challenges that we have taken on have essentially fixed that problem. Now if I don’t write at least once a day I get more than a little twitchy. Habits are a good thing.

No, none of those seem appropriate for today’s topic. So we’ll go with what does.

Just over 2 years ago one of my friends brought me a kitten. He was a little guy – the kitten, not the friend – and it was early to remove him from his momma. He bonded with me and now I’m the momma cat, which is pretty funny. Sometimes my Binny will look at me like he’s trying to figure out why I refuse to lick him clean. Then he starts cleaning the back of my head and seems to forget.


Because my boy went from being palm-sized to damn near giant his kitty box gets a touch stinky. It’s something that should be scooped every day.

I’m just not that into it.


At the new apartment complex we live on the third floor. There is no elevator. I have a bad back/neck which means I’m never all that thrilled about going in and out. Yes, I take our pooch Cocoa out 4 times a day but I tend to forget the kitty litter.

Because we live on the third floor and I have a bad back/neck, we subscribed to a valet trash service. There’s a box that sits outside my door. I put cleanly tied off trash bags in there and they pick it up Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Guess which days the cat litter gets scooped?

I have to say that valet trash is one of the cooler things offered at all of the apartment complexes we had checked out. There was one that had a personal trainer on staff and available in the gym 24/7. I think that amenity might top the valet trash, but maybe not. The place with a trainer also offered a dog walking service, free, but trust me, the rent was ridonculous.

Now that we’re firmly settled in Orlando, there are things I should be doing daily but haven’t been. I’m good with exercise between the dog walks and my physical therapy assigned exercises. I eat pretty well, including salads and chocolate in moderation, and I’ve been getting decent sleep.

People who have followed this blog for a while know that I do have problems gaining weight.

Earlier this year I performed an experiment with daily protein shakes. I only kept at it for a month but I had gained five pounds. Once I stopped the shakes, I lost the weight. So those are something I should get back to. Stress Starving – Yes, that’s a thing and the update 60 Day Update on My Struggle With Stress Starving explain my situation.

All in all, not a very exciting post unless you like hearing about kitty litter and exercise! People are strange so I guess one never knows.

What is something you should do every day but don’t? Do you need moral support or a work-out buddy?


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