Flippity Floppity

Somehow we’ve already gone beyond Day 19 of the #AKwritingChallenge! I am still catching up. We’re almost there, my friends.

Day 19 asks what pair of shoes are my favorite. Woohoo! Shoes!

We had a challenge a while back that asked us about phrases we live our lives by. My post is here: Words to Live By. In it I mentioned one that says, “No matter what you do, be good to your shoes as they get you where you’re going.”

I’m not sure if this is an official quote, though I think it’s close, from a Phish song. You have to admit, the words make sense.

With that in mind, I don’t mind spending a higher amount of money on better quality shoes. I’m pretty easy on my footwear. I like to rotate them and I don’t go tromping through the woods or anything like that. My shoes tend to look new for quite a while.

When I was 19 I bought three pairs of shoes. I even went to the mall to get them. They were a pair of Air Walks, a pair of neutral Tevas, and an amazing pair of Birkenstocks. The Air Walks lasted 12 years. The Birks made it 15 and I still have the Tevas. That’s 20 years later for those who don’t want to do the math. Unfortunately the sole (soul) of one of the Tevas cracked. Fixable, but now I have my Under Armours. The only reason to keep the Tevas is sentimentality.

I feel like I’ve spent the past 10 years of my life looking for the perfect pair of comfortable shoes. I’ve been having knee and back problems for a long time, and footwear can play a major part in those aches.

My sister in law gave me a pair of clogs once, clogs that definitely cost a pretty penny. They’re the kind nurses and doctors wear, which makes sense as my sister in law is a teacher and stands for most of the day.

Those shoes were amazing! She had three pairs she passed on to me and I wore those suckers until they died. They were great for professional and casual environments. I will eventually have to look into buying a new pair of those for myself instead of waiting on hand me downs.

I wear a lot of cushy shoes. Even my slip ons that look like tennis shoes have memory foam in them. I appreciate the added comfort. Sometimes I feel bouncy and if it weren’t for that stuff I would probably have been in traction a few times.

I recently blew out my teal Nike flip flops. Are they flip flops when they don’t have that awful thing that goes between the toes? Or are those considered slip ons, too? They have a velcro over-flap … I may be overthinking this.

When I first hurt my back, the doc was okay with me wearing the teal flip flops because I couldn’t bend down to put on socks or tie laces. Once I could do those things, however, he banned flip flops. That annoyed me. Why couldn’t I wear them?

As it turns out, the majority of people who wear flip flops like that curl their toes instinctually as it feels like the shoe is going to fly off. I’m sure we’re all familiar with that feeling. When you have herniated discs, or any back problem really, anything can trigger added pain.

Apparently walking with toes curled is one of the triggers.

I couldn’t stand the idea of not being able to wear my flip flops. Especially once I bought the pair that I have now. I upgraded from Nike to Under Armour. They had more padding and better color options.


Somehow I ended up with purple. This happens often, without me realizing it. Right after I bought them I went in for a manicure and unconsciously selected the same purple for my toes. It was silly. They ended up cute! but still silly.

I love those shoes. If you look closely you can see that I have joined the velcro pieces as tightly as I could. Seriously, I was determined to be able to wear them so I strapped them on as tight as I could. There’s no way in hell my body is going to be tricked into thinking they’re going to fall off.

And I was correct! I instantly stopped curling my toes. The problem I came across, however, is that when there is only a millimeter of velcro holding them onto my foot, the flap tended to open and I would walk out of them.

There are few things worse than stepping barefoot on black asphalt in the middle of summer in Florida. I thought I smelled barbecue but no, ’twas my foot.

Now that I’ve broken them in the velcro stays connected. I haven’t walked out of them in months. Thank goodness.

They don’t match anything else that I wear and I just don’t care. They’re comfortable, they’re purple, and they’re a statistical outlier. Take that, Doc Shepherd!




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