Desert Island Fantasy

Happy belated Labor Day! I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend. I know mine was spent lazing about the apartment and not doing a whole lot of anything. I’m pretty sure that’s how the day is supposed to be celebrated.

This means, however, that I’m behind on my #AKwritingChallenge so today I’m playing catch-up.

Day 17: “You have to live with a character from a television show on a desert island for two years. Do you kill or marry them when it’s done?”

First, I’d like to say that it’s highly unlikely I would kill anyone after two years. I might stand by and watch as a coconut falls on their head and kills them, but I wouldn’t do it myself. Because I like to keep my hands clean.

Second, this challenge was harder than I thought it would be! Two years! That’s a long ass time to spend with one other person. That being said, I’ll answer the questions now.

When I read this topic, I asked My Companion who he would select. He chose MacGyver. I thought that was bloody brilliant and I can’t come up with a better answer.

For those who don’t know, MacGyver is a television show from my youth. The guy could take silly putty, string, and a piece of cardboard and create a nuclear weapon. Or something. The ultimate improv artist.

SNL makes fun of it with a character called MacGruber. Kills me every time I see it. In those sketches the guy constantly gets them blown up instead of saving the day, usually because he’s having a petty, ego stroking argument. Awesome!

Anyway, the way I picture the island is with random food/medical drops. The food would be basics one can’t get on the island. Perhaps it’s a touch of The Hunger Games, here. I created this challenge, so I’m making the rules or, in children’s terms, if we can’t play my way then I’m taking my ball and going home.

MacGyver would have us living in a two story condo before the boat I assume we were on sinks all the way to the bottom. I imagine there would be monkey powered radios and televisions, though I’m not sure what kind of TV stations we would get. With my luck they would be in a language I don’t recognize.

Similar to the Professor from Gilligan’s Island, I’m sure I would be over it and wondering why he can’t build us a boat if we can have everything else. That was the weakest part of G.I., if you ask me. What the hell? The Prof is one smart dude but he can’t figure out how to make a raft not sink?

I imagine with the right amount of ivy, sticks, and logs, that MacGyver could make a plane. Why not? Basic physics. So in my world, we’re not actually forced to be on the island for two years.

But why not sabotage the plane and keep it going? Because before the two years were over, I would have to kill off any smart ass who knows how to build any- and everything. I mean, where’s the challenge?

Maybe choosing MacGyver is cheating. It would make life difficulty go from Advanced to Beginner. Then again, I don’t care. Did you notice that he was pretty hot back in the day? Admittedly I prefer him from his SG-1 days, but who doesn’t?

See you in about an hour for day 18!



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