Describe My Bathroom? Sure!

Hello, all! Welcome to day 16 of the #AKwritingChallenge! We’re officially more than halfway through this particular list and that pleases me no end. I’m excited to finish this writing challenge and move on to the next one. Because of course we’re doing another one. If you want in on this fun ride just let me know! We’re always looking for more participants.

Now on to the main deal.

Today’s topic demands, not asks, that I describe my bathroom. Pushy list, but I will acquiesce as I see no harm in it. And because I’m the one that created the topic.

We have two bathrooms in this apartment, as we did at our previous. The full master bath, which is my decorating domain, and the “Johnny” bath, which is not much smaller than the master and is My Companion’s room to decorate (though I assisted with shower curtains and things for Christmas one year).

The master bath has a giant garden tub; the kind that I can actually sink into and be covered from my toes to my chin. Unfortunately the hot water heater does not have the capacity to fill the whole thing considering the smaller amount of water I displace when I sit in it.

I tried my first bath bomb – lavender – the other day and the tub is perfect for it! Surprisingly, it did not stain the tub or me so that’s a win!

The shower curtain is red, brown, tan … mostly neutral colors with the red thrown in for accent colors. I have no idea why I chose red but I have yet to regret it. Both bathmats are red. Yes, I picked up super comfy tan towels to match.

In this apartment we have the double sinks, and that’s one of the cooler things, I think. My Companion can shave while I smear a pencil tip amount of moulding paste in my hair and we won’t bump elbows. I’m a big fan of not bumping elbows.

There’s this half wall right inside the door where the light switches are. It makes little sense but seems to work. It’s better than the previous apartment where the light switches were outside the bathroom. I’m assuming so roommates could be dicks and turn the lights off on people while they’re poohing but I’m cynical like that.

There is a master closet next to the sinks. I’ve always liked that set-up. It makes sense, for the most part. I don’t often wear the clothes I have hanging in the closet, but it is nice to know they’re there.

The tile and walls are neutral because, you know, apartment. I haven’t hung anything on the walls in there. I’ve never understood that particular activity. Aside from the fact that there’s a possibility of steam damage, we don’t have much room on the walls.

The other bathroom, the so-called “Johnny” bath would be considered a normal bathroom for people without a giant master. There is no closet, or really storage in general. We keep the towels in a different closet altogether so when I forget to grab a clean one for the shower I get to dash across two rooms while dripping wet. And we keep it pretty chilly in here. That does not help.

The “Johnny” was My Companion’s room to decorate. I’m not saying he’s cut off from the rest of the apartment or anything because the guy has good taste, but I wanted to make sure he had something that made him happy the way I am in the office or master bedroom.

Anyone who reads my blog regularly or follows me on FaceBook knows that we love football. NFL football specifically, but college will do in a pinch. My team is the Detroit Lions. Oh my, I can’t believe I admitted that in a public forum again. Ugh.

I love them and hate them at the same time. So frustrating. My second team was the Denver Broncos but then Manning retired and now I have to see what team actually catches my eye. Believe it or not, it may be Houston. I’m curious to see how Osweiller does there. I also pay attention to the Saints because …

They are My Companion’s team. He loves them! When he bought my Denver Manning jersey for Christmas one year, he picked up one for himself from New Orleans. It also has Manning on the back but his is for Archie, the dad.

His second team was also the Broncos, and he is also unsure of who will catch his eye this year. Of course he watches the Lions with me. He face palms nearly as often as I do while we watch. If there was ever a cursed team in the NFL, I believe it’s the Lions.

Did you catch that Megatron is going to be on Dancing With the Stars? I may have to pay attention this season. Thank goodness for YouTube clips.

Oh, wow. I got very distracted there!

Point being, we picked up a Saints shower curtain. It’s black with the fleur de lis. We also have the matching bathmats and one of these days I’m going to find him a trashcan that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


Single sink in there, and no shelving or storage, really. The tub isn’t a garden tub, more of a standard one. We were planning on replacing the shower head with something that would blast us but it turns out we both like the waterfall effect in the master bath. Neutral colors all throughout the tiling and walls. Of course we picked up yellowish towels to match the Saints colors.

So, there you have it. I know you were dying of curiosity.

What does your bathroom look like? Or, if you hate that room, what does your favorite room in your home look like? Let me know in comments! I’m a curious chickadee.

2 thoughts on “Describe My Bathroom? Sure!

  1. My favorite room is my sewing room and right now it looks like a bomb went off in there. There will be a day when I can go back down in the basement and I will get it organized again then I can start sewing quilts again!


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