Most Likely To …

(This post has been edited to reflect requests for more examples)

Day 14 of the #AKwritingChallenge asks us what we would be voted Most Likely To …

This is an interesting one. It challenges us to confront how we believe other people see us. Or shows us how we think of ourselves. I’m quite curious to see what the other authors/bloggers/writers post on this subject.

In school I could have been Most Likely To Skip, though good luck finding me if you wanted a photo for that. There was a large chunk of people who didn’t know I still went to school with them, which is funny and sad at the same time.

School is important!

Someone else took home that honor back in the day. Thank goodness.

Now that I’m nearly 40 as opposed to the 17 years old I was the last time I was considering this question, I have a new answer. I would be Most Likely to Land on Their Feet.

It seems that no matter what life throws at me, I eventually end up in a better place than when I started.

Got ripped off by an “editor”, fell into a hybrid publishing contract.

Lost my job at one place, offered insane money to go elsewhere.

Moved to a new city knowing no one, met one of a famous drug dealer’s accountants’ kids. They’re awesome, by the way, the sweetest family I’ve ever met, and they have the craziest stories.

I thought my traveling stories were nuts, but then I started talking to them about family history and they blew me out of the water. Who can compete with kidnappings, murders, and bombings? Not that it’s a competition …

Broke because we bought stupid toys, win large amounts of cash from scratch off tickets.

Moved to Florida, huge disagreement with the person I was staying with, managed to meet and fall in love with my very own geek and married a year and a half later.

Pre-second marriage examples:

After a medical incident my boyfriend left me and married one of my best friends. I bailed state, completely without a plan on my way to Seattle to cross-country canvas for the Sierra Club. End up in the one sponsored house in Seattle that had no chaperone. Out of the entire group of us, I’m the one the store believes is old enough to buy wine (at age 19).

Had food poisoning, couldn’t hit quota for Sierra Club, got fired and made homeless. Landed in Portland with a good friend on the first day of “harvest season”. This is indeed Portland, Oregon, so not your normal farm goods.

Landed back in Michigan, took a random test and went from a minimum wage job to one clearing $2400 per month after tax in the late 90’s.

Had to leave that job due to carpal tunnel, bailed state with settlement check, landed in Phoenix where I spent 2 lovely years, including one where I made 1 1/2 times the previous job.

Dumped a dude, job closed down. Moved back to Mi, almost immediately met the man who was my first husband. Got a job managing a store, still making decent money.

Divorced, end up basically homeless. Move to a new town, interview for one job and start making more money in a weekend than I did in a week when I was a manager at previous store.

Which brings us to the Florida one mentioned in the beginning of the list.

My Companion is sure that I’m one of the luckiest people he’s met. That’s not a bad thing because now that we’re together, it affects him, too, in all the best ways.

When we met his job was going nowhere. He was being underpaid and taken advantage of. On a wing and a prayer I suggest he applies for a job a headhunter approaches him with, one he’s not actually that qualified for. Two interviews later he’s filling out paperwork to start. The job pays twice what his previous one did, with bonus included. He gets to work from home.

His job goes to shit, they let him go after a worker’s compensation issue. We select two interviews in the state that don’t seem that promising. One of the companies pays to relocate us out of an area we felt trapped in. Makes same money but bonuses and benefits are nearly double.

I feel like I could go on, there are so many times that I’ve felt the chaos swirling around me and have been sure that this time nothing is going to work out, much less have me/us landing somewhere even better.

I will not share more, however. A lady must keep some mystery. Besides, if I tell everyone everything now, what will I write about for the rest of the challenge? 16 more days …


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      1. Ok that is better, I could however continue reading and reading! I will just wait until tomorrows post! Love ya girl!


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