If Looks Could Resurrect

Happy Monday! Yes, you heard me. I said happy Monday – and you’ll like it. It’s Day 12 of the #AKwritingChallenge and the topic today is “If looks could resurrect instead of kill, who would you stare at?”

My friend JC Wing posted hers a few minutes ago and I admit, it’s a bit of a tear jerker. You can read it here: If Looks Could Resurrect JC Wing.

I confess, I considered going in the same direction JC did. She won’t be surprised to read that. A lot of our posts are quite similar, subject-wise. I miss my Grandmother Mary, and I wish that my sister had had a better chance to get to know her.

I also miss my Grandfather on Mom’s side. I’d love to sit and talk with him again, if only about the modern state of the NFL. He’d be having a field day with this Colin Kaepernick hoopla.

Over the weekend I stumbled across an article telling me they are remaking Jumanji. With The Rock. Sorry, Duane Johnson. I have no problem with Mr. Johnson. I enjoy his acting greatly. I would have thought he would bomb in kid movies but he was exceptional in The Tooth Fairy and the football one (the name currently escapes me but my GOD the little girl in that was cute). She reminded me of the Curly Sue girl in the Pepsi commercials back in the day.

That started my thinking about Robin Williams. I know, I know. A celebrity seems like an odd choice. But is it, really, when it’s this celebrity?

I thought about Jumanji and Hook and Requiem For a Dream and Mrs Doubtfire and Aladdin and Death to Smoochie and I shivered. His filmography was extensive and every single character he played called to something deep inside of me.

I know I’m not the only one. The outpouring of disbelief, of sympathy, was nearly overwhelming at the news of his suicide.

My first contact with Robin was when he was playing Mork. No, I’m not that old, but I did have Nick at Night and other ways to watch re-runs of syndicated shows. How else would I know that Gilligan and the Professor were both morons? And Genie deserved better.

When cable and HBO first started I would stay up late at night and secretly watch his stand-up specials. They were frenetic and funny and I didn’t understand half of the subject matter but that was okay because the man’s energy was simply that infectious.

When they did Comic Relief for the first time, I watched that and wouldn’t move a muscle. Not even to go to the bathroom. The relief I felt at the end of the special had nothing to do with happy to see the credits, but happy to see my bathroom.

His chemistry with Whoopie and Billy Crystal were something to aspire to in my own friendships.

After Mrs Doubtfire came out, I wanted him to be my father so bad! Who wouldn’t? He was funny and sweet, charming and sentimental.

But the reality is that Robin was a troubled man. He made no secret of this, but people tended to ignore it. Because he was funny while he was sad, and we’d all much rather laugh than cry.

As a lifelong fan, I knew of his troubles with drugs, alcohol, depression. He joked about it freely. Because they were jokes, I wonder how many people took it seriously.

Darryl Hammond is a decent example of this as well. An alum of SNL, he’s admitted all of his comedy is rooted in his deep depression, his self-hatred, among other things.

You laugh so you don’t cry.

I’d like to be able to stare at my television screen and watch Hook or Mrs Doubtfire or even One Hour Photo and have that be the trick that would bring this mysterious, magical man back into our lives. To give him a chance to reach out but one more time for help, or to reach out a helping hand to another the way that he did in so many specials and movies.



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