Desktop Shots & Screensavers 

Holla! Somehow we all made it to Friday. I’m proud of you, Readers. It’s been a long week. I won’t go into the details, but I’m glad it’s over. 

So! Onto other things. Day 9 of the #AKwritingChallenge asks what Screensavers I use. 

I don’t actually use Screensavers. All of my devices – and there seem to be many – are set to go into suspend rather than screen save mode. I prefer it that way, even on my Windows devices, of which there is one, and I’m sending that to Gramma for an upcoming road trip.

I use Apple products and instead of screen savers there is the home screen and the lock screen. I make use of both. On my iPad there is a photo of my deceased grandfather as the home desktop screen. I like seeing him every time I turn it on. The lock screen is a selfie of myself and my grandmother. Pretty sure it’s the first – and only – one she’ll ever take. She hates that photo else I would share it here.

The kids own my phone. I take turns with them. Right now my sister’s eldest daughter is in a selfie with me on the home screen. The lock screen is a selfie with myself and her youngest daughter. They’re adorable! The eldest one looks a bit like me so there’s that. Yay! Previously I had my brother’s children on there but it was time to make a switch. Next time I see the, all I will have to try to get group shots.

On my MacBook Air: the desktop isn’t one I set. They have an option of a new photo each day and I accepted that. There is always different scenery and the pictures are stunning. I don’t think I’ve seen a repeat yet. The lock screen is the same one that comes with the Air, though I’m thinking of swapping it for a photo of My Companion in his Saints jersey (Archie Manning to go with all of my Denver gear). 

How about your screens? What do you like to look at?

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