Brother and Sister O’ Mine

Day 7 of the #AKwritingChallenge is here! Today’s question is if I have any siblings, and if I do, are we alike?

I do have siblings! An older brother and a younger sister. And yes, I believe we’re alike.

I talked a little bit about my siblings in the previous writing challenge, mostly in the Sperm Donor article, and that was about how we grew up after the departure of our male parental unit.

I mentioned this topic to My Companion last night and he chuckled. “Not at all,” was his reply regarding similarities. And that’s exactly how it’s been our entire, related lives.

If people know us separately and then find out we’re related, we get instant denial. It’s funny, but somewhat annoying. Why would we want to lie about being related? It grants us nothing.

We don’t really look alike, but we kind of do. There’s a photo somewhere around a certain bar of my brother and myself together, face next to face. In that one photo you can actually see a resemblance around the eyes/eyebrows/forehead and definitely nose area. We all got my mom’s family’s nose. They’re straight, but long. Tricky. Adorable from the front, feel like Roxanne from the side.

My sister and I are the same way. Same eyes and forehead and nose. Other than that, we’re all pretty different. My brother takes after my father’s side of the family, my sister takes after mom’s and, as a middle child, I actually am somewhere in the middle. I confess there’s a black and white photo of my badass gramma in her late teens and I looked exactly like her for a long time but less so now.

Personality-wise is interesting as well. My brother is a bit of an extrovert with introvert tendencies. He likes football, sports in general, cars, hunting, good crime mystery shows, and his country. We agree in much of that.

He has the ultimate bullshitter’s gene which makes him a great salesman. He can talk to anyone, for any amount of time, and it’s all good. I am similar in that, though I am far more introverted. I fake it until I make it. He’s doing well in sales, and when I was in a similar line of work, I did well also.

My sister is more of an introvert. She likes to read, hang out and watch movies. We talk a lot, about the state of affairs and politics and things. I have to avoid that with my brother as we disagree greatly.

My sister has the bullshitter’s gene, but she doesn’t really know how to use it yet. Someday. She’s in her 30s so she’d better get on it if she’s going to master the art. She’s very common sense, and very no nonsense. Those are traits I admire about her.

Both siblings have children. That fact has been mentioned a million times. I love my nephew and my nieces. I’m blessed that they are in my life.

Both of my siblings learned from our childhood. It’s very interesting to see how they interact with their children, and how those children are maturing. They’re all going to be phenomenal people. They’re sweet, kind, generous, and they know I’m a genius so we know they’re right about everything else.

What about you? Any siblings? Anything that surprises you about genes and family?



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