My Pride

Hello, all! How I’ve missed you! I know, I know, it’s been ages since we last spoke. The #30daywritingchallenge ended and you thought you’d seen the last of my daily posts, eh? Well, guess again.

We started another one under the hashtag #AKwritingChallenge. Today is day 1. The topic is My Proudest Moment.

I don’t know why I had a hard time coming up with a post for this challenge. I’ve had plenty of time to think about it. Okay, maybe that’s why.

It could also be the -est on the end of proud. I’ve had many moments where I’ve felt I’ve been a shining beacon of all that is awesome, and thus puffed up my chest and patted myself on the back, but which one is the -est?

So then I started to break it down into categories. School? Work? Writing? Family? Love life? I mean, there are just so many options! It’s hard to decide.

Then I realized I was way overthinking it. I’m going to share a couple of stories. They may seem small, but to me they are huge.

Story 1. We went to the zoo. I have this odd fear of animals chasing me. I also hate when birds poop on me. This has happened to me a couple of times in my life so I can safely say that I’m not a fan of bird poop.

We go to the zoo. It’s me, sister in law, gramma, and bunches of kids. We go into the parakeet enclosure and, sure enough, I get shat upon. Sigh. I can’t freak out because the kids are watching and they tend to learn behavior. I don’t want them to emulate the “nasty oh my god what just touched me” dance. No one should learn that at such a young age.

So I suck it up and wait until we leave the enclosure. I promptly hit the bathroom to scrub my arm like I’m going into surgery.

The kids think this is hilarious. I am still reminded of the time the bird pooped on me.

If only the story ended there. We next go into the petting portion of the zoo. The kids want to see some chickens and stuff. Great. I’m good with this. They don’t fly so can’t come at my face. I should be safe from things chasing me.

Before we entered the zoo, my darling niece put a Dora sticker on my pants, about thigh high. I don’t like to dash dreams, so I left it there. I didn’t even think about it upon entering the petting area.

A goat decided that sticker would be his lunch. I easily did three laps around the fenced thing before I got my nephew to open the gate so I could make my escape. Again, I didn’t freak out because learned behavior, et cetera et cetera.

Yes, that trip will always be remembered as the time Aunt AK got pooped on and then chased by a goat.

Story 2. My grandmother – the one who hates snakes but is a badass and kills them instead of screaming and running – used to have a pool in her backyard. It’s since been filled in. I was carrying my nephew from the garage to the pool. He was a little guy and I didn’t trust him on the cement steps.

Lo and behold, there’s a snake. A big ass garter snake. We knew this was possible, they’ve always been there. My instinct should have been to throw the kid at it in self-defense and then run screaming for the hills – or to go get my gramma and her metal handled hoe.

Instead, I sucked in my gut and turned my gasping scream into a laugh. “My goodness, nephew! Do you see that *gulp* pretty snake? Perhaps we should step over here while it goes that way …”

I’m sure my brother and sister in law appreciate that I didn’t throw the kid. I’m rather proud of myself. I’m serious … snakes have been known to cause blackout terror for me. It’s embarrassing and I don’t care.

Story 3. I hate hospitals. I hate needles. I had way too much experience with them as a child. Every time I go into a hospital my hands go clammy and I find it’s difficult to breathe. And the air is always hot even though I’m freezing. So yeah, hate them.

As I grow older, I need more shots. And more uncomfortable medical tests done – the kind that can’t be done in the doctor’s office. Sigh. Every time I pull up my big girl panties and get through it, I want to cheer. Instead I go to Krispy Kreme. Or McDonald’s. Holdover from my youth.

I’m proud of myself for not backing out of that. I know it’s part of adulting, but even adults have fears.


2 thoughts on “My Pride

  1. You need to write that snake scene into one of your books, that is just to funny!! I don’t think I could have practiced as much self control LOL.


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