My Favorite Appliance

Hello, friends! It’s day 2 of the #AKwritingChallenge! It’s a tough one today, and it’s been making me nervous!

Haha! Only kidding! I get to talk about my favorite household appliance!

Anyone who knows me is going to assume that I’ll write about my Keurig 1 cup coffee maker. Indeed I am. I love that thing so much I’ve written it into books.

I didn’t discover coffee until I was 25. Well, I discovered it when I was six and took a drink out of Gramma’s cup thinking it was Coke and oh my god it so was not Coke. That was slightly traumatizing and I avoided coffee like the plague.

For a short period I was working at a hospital, third shift. When the patient hits the button and the annoyed sounding person answers them … well, I was the annoyed sounding person. I tried not to sound annoyed but those microphone systems are weird.

It was the Neuro/Ortho ward so everyone was in pain or passed out. I often wondered if it was what a prison would sound like, if you added clanging bars and things. Then again, I hated that job, so maybe that’s why.

It was nearly impossible to make it through a shift. I was exhausted all the time. Mostly from boredom. I have worked third shift before and loved it. And I still keep those kinds of hours here and there. But the boredom!!

One of the aides talked me into trying a latte. For the longest time, that’s all I would drink for coffee. Eventually I made my way to the regular stuff, but doctored like it’s not even coffee anymore.

I still drink it that way. A 1 count of creamer (all natural or fat free) and about 2 1/2 soup spoon size sugar dumps. That’s using a breakfast blend, so you know it’s light already. By the time I’m done mixing it, the coffee has the overly sweet feel that hits people in their back teeth. Not me, I love it.

I can’t stand cold coffee. Or even lukewarm. Last Christmas I bought myself a mug warmer so I could keep my cup near me at all times. It’s one of my favorite toys. Because yes, I consider that a toy.

Like Jack Reacher, I believe coffee is properly served in a mug. A thick mug. None of these tiny china things that are begging to go cold immediately. Or break. Ugh.

Technically I consider my Keurig a necessity. Me without coffee in the morning isn’t pretty. That’s one way My Companion knows when I’m truly sick, I might add, is if I don’t go for coffee first thing.

I have to limit my intake. If I have more than 1 1/2 cups of regular I will end up with palpitations at the end of the night. Those are not pleasant. I would like to avoid those. I can mix decaf in, but it has to be sparing. Part of that might be the sugar.

So, knowing I can’t drink a whole pot of coffee, I always felt screwed over. And tempted. So, so tempted. Then I discovered the 1 cup maker. My life was perfection after that.

My Companion turns it on first thing in the morning, I turn it off around noon. Mostly because the little blue light offers me comfort when I’m trying to write and coming up blank. Which is often lately.

I’ve waxed poetic as I’ve sat there watching the dark gold shiny liquid steam its way into my Batman cup. I can’t remember the words now, but I bet they were amazing and smooth and worthy of some sort of award.

I should keep a recorder handy.

Now … as I said, my Keurig is actually a necessity so my other choice would be my brand new vacuum. I just got it three days ago. It’s the pet version and WHHHOOOOOOO-WEEEEEEE is that sucker powerful!

I’ve always said that when a floor is vacuumed, a room will look bigger. Our giant apartment looks HUGE! So, technically, my vacuum is my favorite appliance. The animals hate it, worse than they hate the lawn care guys on Thursdays, and trust me, that’s with a passion.

What’s your favorite appliance? What’s a necessity for you?

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