My Mother is Coming! My Mother is Coming!

It’s not by sea, nor is it by land, but ’tis by air. She’s flying in!

Welcome to day 30 of the #30daywritingchallenge! We made it, people! 30 days of fresh posts about random topics. I’m curious what kinds of changes the authors have noticed on their pages, as well as in their writing styles.

I definitely know I’ve felt challenged. There were days I considered letting the list of topics win. But no! Perseverance. And fighting my way through that darn Family Member I Dislike post. Oi. I may not forgive that one any time soon.

Please keep in mind that we’re starting another challenge tomorrow. We’ll be using a new hashtag to keep the challenges separate. But always feel free to search the hashtag and see what you find! Archives are just as interesting as new and “fresh” articles.

The new hashtag will be #AKwritingChallenge. Don’t worry. I’ll remind you.

So, back to the subject at hand. The topic today – the final topic – is Something I Am Excited About.

I can barely contain my enthusiasm for this topic right now. It caught me at exactly the right moment.

As previously stated, anyone who has followed this challenge – or my blog in general – knows that I am very family oriented. I have one of the greatest families on this planet. They love unconditionally, they’re generous, and the best part is that they’re not jerks. We have our share of misfits – I may be included on that list – but it only adds to the intrigue.

Trust me when I say that you would love to hang out with us for a while, just to bask in the acceptance and love.


I haven’t seen my family in a while. This is my own fault. I chose to move to Florida temporarily in 2013. Temporarily turned into permanently. I’m trying to remember the last time I saw everyone. I think it was our wedding. I hope that’s not true and I’m just blanking out a visit.

Maybe I was there last November? That actually sounds right.

It feels like I haven’t seen them in a decade. My nephew is playing baseball. Not only is he playing, but the kid has an arm and is causing talk among the dads and coaches. And I haven’t seen a single game. Bless my brother for taking video and sending it. He sent me a clip in slow motion that was stunning. The kid throws like a major league pitcher. I’m bragging. Whoops.

My nieces are having birthdays left and right. One niece is playing softball. She’s fearless and plays multiple positions. She, too, has an arm, though I’m not sure she knows how to use it yet.

My other nieces are doing dance, gymnastics, and they’re singing and doing shows. And I haven’t seen any of them. As much as I curse and hate on FaceBook and social media sometimes, if I didn’t have them I wouldn’t know what the kids are up to. And they all miss me. Sigh.

I miss the niblings’ parents, of course. My siblings are the best I could ask for, and they both married interesting, loving people. My grandmother rocks and my aunts and uncles all have their own perks and downsides.

God, how I miss them all.

We’ve been trying to plan a way to get my mom down here to Florida. She tries to come down once a year, and hasn’t been here since May 2015. My sister and I considered buying her tickets for her birthday next month. I considered buying her tickets for my birthday in October (40! Sweet Jesus!) but it’s hard to plan her time off for her. As in, we probably shouldn’t.

And it’s a good thing we didn’t. That traveling woman is already taking a trip in September! More proof I got my wanderlust from her, right? I’m jealous they’re heading to Myrtle Beach.

My mom is one of my best friends. It’s not just a parent/child relationship. We have a lot in common as far as interests and things go. So, you know. We can hang out for an entire day in the same room, reading books, and feel like we had the most relaxing, bonding day imaginable.

The first time she came down, not only did we read and hang out, but she helped me pick up a desk for My Companion. And helped me put it together. I get my independence from her, for sure.

I haven’t seen my mom or my friend in ages! And she’s coming down right after Christmas for New Years. I’m so excited I could explode. I imagine if I did, the confetti would glitter. And probably be flammable.

She hasn’t seen the new place in Orlando yet. I’m excited to take her to the outlet malls and a few of the other places we’ve discovered. The Brazilian Steak House is so high on the list that I’m tempted to take her straight there from the airport except she’s getting in near midnight.

So you asked, #30daywritingchallenge, and now I’m done with you! If our new tradition doesn’t continue of its own accord, we may be seeing you next year. Tips cap. 

One thought on “My Mother is Coming! My Mother is Coming!

  1. Oh sweetie, you are not only lucky to still have your mom but to have such a close relationship with her. treasure every minute you have with her! Nuff said! Can’t wait to start reading the new challenges!

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