The Fashion Icon That Is A.K.

Happy freaking Sunday, people! I’m so excited that it’s mid-August and a Sunday. Why? Because this is the official start of having football every weekend until January. If you could see me, you’d see a woman stretching her hands toward Nirvana. That being said …

It’s day 27 of the #30daywritingchallenge. I won’t lie, I skipped yesterday. The things I have to say to an ex have been said and don’t bear repeating. Today’s topic, however, is fun. The question is what I’m wearing today.

So, I started out in a really, really soft Olive Garden t-shirt (the pasta-bilities!)  and a pair of lounge pants. Let me tell you, the Darden company knows where it’s at in t-shirts. They’re all soft, like they’ve been washed 1000 times before they sell it to you. It’s awesome.

After stepping foot on the balcony that was approximately the same temperature as an active volcano, I switched to a tank top and shorts. I have some new flowing tank tops that I like, and a basic pair of khaki shorts. Today’s first tank was black.

After walking the dog through air that felt thicker than stew, I changed to a different tank top (grey and white), same shorts, and went back to the balcony.

Then the storm came. The temperature dropped 15 degrees in 15 seconds.

I have now switched to a pair of tri-striped Nike pants, a different soft t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. And socks. I’m inside, so always socks.

In about 20 minutes when the rain stops and the sun comes back out, I’ll swap back over to shorts, probably a different pair as I can’t remember where I left the others, and yet another tank top, preferably one I haven’t sweat through as of yet.

Florida, man.

I change clothes like 10 times in a day. Often it’s switching back and forth from pants and shorts and t-shirts to tanks, like today. Often a sweatshirt goes on and comes off, also.

100 degrees outside, 72 degrees inside, and I’m always cold. It’s an interesting mix.

So, what are you wearing today?

Had you asked me this in a month, the answer would have been lounge pants and a Bronco’s jersey (#18 because Peyton). WELCOME BACK, NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!! WOOOHOOO!!

Side note: this challenge is, of course, 30 days. The group of authors that have been participating will continue on, along with many others! We’re expanding our creative base. The next hashtag to keep an eye out for will be #AKwritingChallenge. Yes, it’s mine, because I was the first one to come up with 30 new topics. I do hope that you’ll hang with us as we continue to progress through these.



2 thoughts on “The Fashion Icon That Is A.K.

  1. First off let me say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this challenge. I have gotten to know you so much more! Now for what I am wearing, since my knee surgery I just seem to wear lounging jammies and t-shirts. I don’t go anywhere and PT comes to me I never have to leave my house so the temp always stays the same. We have the high temps 90-100s but unlike you we don’t have the humidity so it is so much easier to handle the hot!.

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