Morning? What? No!

Loud ass klaxon horn sounding thing goes off near my head. “The hell?” My hand flings across the end table until the annoying sound stops. “Ah!”

Loud ass guitar chords blare out from the other side of the bed. “Ugh, seriously?” My hands flings across the bed until My Companion makes the annoying sound stop. “Ah!”

Five minutes later, repeat. 

Cat paws at bedroom door. When that doesn’t get our attention, he’ll throw his whole body into it so the door rattles. He knows the sounds of the alarms and what they mean.

Motion from the other side. My Companion gets up from the bed. I have no idea what he does first thing, or even second. All I know is the Keurig coffeemaker is on every morning. Even weekends. My Companion is a god among men.

Crawl out to the balcony for coffee and a wake me up dose of humidity. Pet the cat because he’s still pissed for being locked out, but he loves momma so – “Shit! Stop biting!” – I’ll give him big doses of love.

Strap the dog to me with a leash. Stumble down three flights of stairs and around the block. It’s .2 Kilometers. I know this because we play Pokemon Go on our outings.

Stumble back up the stairs, still feeling like a Zombie. Make second cup of coffee – large – in a to-go cup. While coffee brews, contacts (we call them eyeballs) go in and clean clothes go on. Out the door to get My Companion to work. 

For the rest of my routine, check out How I Spend My Day.

This has been day 22 of the #30daywritingchallenge, where the topic asked about my morning routine. I even wrote it in the morning so it’s fresh. Speaking of … Time to get that second cup of Breakfast Blend.

One thought on “Morning? What? No!

  1. LOL I love your description of the morning. I can see you are so not a morning person! When I was a working person (thank God I’m not anymore) I worked for 22 ½ years for the Federal Government and always a very early morning shift. If they would let me start at 5:30 I was a happy camper. I NEVER used an alarm. My body just seems to know when it is told what time to get up that it needs to get up. I love the morning but please don’t ask me to stay up late with you!! LOL


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