Hey, Baby, What’s Your Sign?

This is day 21 of the #30daywritingchallenge. As a good friend noted, it’s been three weeks since we started! My goodness, does time fly by. Today’s topic is what Zodiac sign we are, and if we believe it meshes with our personalities.

I was born on October 9. I share a birthdate with John Lennon and one of my brother’s close friends. It’s right in the middle of the NFL season, which pleases me immensely. I wrote about this last year, in October. Go figure. Birthdays, John Lennon, and the NFL

My Companion is also a Libra. His birthday is exactly one week after mine. My sister-in-law’s birthday is also in October, though I’m not sure if she is a Libra or the one that comes after. She’s exactly two weeks after me. I think that puts her on the cusp, so to speak. Admittedly, that makes sense for her.

Of course I had to make use of Google to get all of the traits. I used one of the first sites that popped up, and I copy pasta’ed their post. Here’s a link so that I can be all polite and stuff. Thank you, kind internet stranger. Libra Sign’s Meaning. And I added the quotation marks. Hopefully that’s up to snuff.

“With a symbol of the scales in the zodiac, the sign of Libra is the sign of justice, balance and harmony. That is why Libra’s are natural peacekeepers.

Libra’s are born between September 23rd and October 22nd. The seventh sign in the astrological zodiac, the Libra is also the only sign that is not represented by an animal.Libra’s are highly intuitive, although they often ignore their own inner voice and must live with the regrets of such actions.

The Libra is an air sign, falling under the rule of the planet Venus.”

Breakdown: Justice, balance, and harmony do make sense for me. I hate when people aren’t getting along, and I hate it when I see someone get screwed over. I’ve prevented my fair share of bar fights, and I’ve caused a few. That seems pretty balanced to me. Regarding the harmony, yes, I can see that, too. I won’t go into detail here, it would take too long, but yes.

Highly intuitive, yes. I am excellent at reading facial expressions and body language. Sometimes I don’t even know I’m doing it. It helps me with that salesman gene I have in abundance. I call it the bullshitter’s gene.

“Character and Personality

As the scales would suggest, a person born under the sign of Libra seeks balance. Libra’s are often drawn to the underdog, or underdog causes. They are quite willing to stand alone against injustice, but prefer to be part of the group. They seek out happiness in people and places, choosing to be surrounded by positive feelings whenever possible.”

Breakdown: Yep. I am the champion for children and underdogs. Sometimes the underdog thing goes too far to where I’ll root against my home team temporarily if they’re stomping the crap out of another team. And yes, I’ve stood alone, and I’ve brought others to my side. Have I mentioned the bar fight thing?

“The Libra is a good judge of character when they listen to their instincts. A Libra will hold a great deal of their feelings inside and therefore must be drawn out when forming friendships or romantic relationships. A Libra’s trust is earned, not given. The balance to the introverted nature of the Libra’s emotional substance is their willingness to meet new people and try new things. However, even the most outgoing and charismatic Libra is still holding a little back.”

Breakdown: Yep again. I tend to hold back the love I feel for everyone and everything, mostly because I am relatively introverted. No one believes me when I tell them that. I really am an introvert. I may be able to go out and be social with the best of them – I know I just mentioned the bullshitter’s gene – but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exhaust me emotionally and physically. Therefore I tend to bide my time.

“Libra’s are naturally empathetic, easily able to view another person’s point of view to understand where he or she is coming from. This not only makes them warm and caring in personal relationships, but many Libra’s use this natural ability to their advantage in the business world.

The balance to being business savvy is creativity. In the workplace, Libra’s are often problem solvers thanks to their sense of creativity and broad perspective. They are often able to see solutions where others only see problems.

At home, the Libra’s creative side often shows itself in unsuspecting ways. Meticulously decorated homes, color coordinated closets or intricate attention to details at the place settings for a dinner party are how a Libra’s creativity shines through. On the other end of the scales, some Libra’s engross themselves in clutter and chaos, which, ironically, is also an expression of a creative mind. Therefore, Libra’s often have messy homes, causing them to appear lazy.

Natural diplomats, feisty and friendly, the Libra’s natural need for balance can sometimes leave them indecisive or at odds with others. However, they make good friends, and their sense of objectivity makes them great co-workers.”

Breakdown: All of this and then some. My home is cluttered, but also ruthlessly organized in some ways (part of the balance thing?). I can far too often see the other side of arguments or debates, and can often end up debating against my own best interests. Part of that might be that I enjoy debates with educated people.

The business savvy thing goes back to the bullshitter gene. If I can get someone on my side, or see enough of my side, negotiations are fun. It also goes into reading facial and body cues. If I can’t get a sense of someone, I sit back and again bide my time until I can gain some fashion of control of the situation.

Now, My Companion is also a Libra, as stated. I’ll have to ask him to go through this list to see if it matches up with how he sees himself.

Though I’ve never really been into Zodiac and Astrology, we joke often about two Libras in the same home having to make decisions. It can be agonizing sometimes.

So, hey baby, what’s your sign? Does it match you? Let me know in comments.

One thought on “Hey, Baby, What’s Your Sign?

  1. Oh Ang let the Libra’s unite! I too am a fellow Libra, although mine is a few days before yours and many years before yours LOL! To my knowledge nothing special happened on my birthday but that is ok I have great Libra friends like you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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