3 Random Songs, 3 Random Reactions

It is day 20 of the #30daywritingchallenge. Today’s topic is one of my favorites! “Put your music player on shuffle and write the first three songs that play and what your initial thought is”. This should be fun. Have I mentioned I listen to several spoken word albums? Henry Rollins is the man.

We use iTunes. We better, we own at least 6 Apple devices at last count. I buy music that matters to me, but can listen to anything through their radio app, which I’m starting to enjoy. For the purposes of this piece, I’ll use my bought music so something I’ve never listened to doesn’t pop up. *claps hands together* Let’s do this!

1. Us and Them – Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon.

Gramma, stop reading now. Skip to the second one. If necessary, I’ll warn you there also.

Dark Side of the Moon is a phenomenal album. It was my introduction to Pink Floyd. The album takes me back to high school when I hung out with a certain group of friends. We liked hallucinogens and the marijuana. There were many a night spent hanging out watching visions before our very eyes as this music drifted us along on a warm tide of mellow.

Sometimes it triggers memories that feel like flashbacks. Like when we saw Jesus in a tree and he told my friend to cut the shit and start acting like a better person. That friend actually did straighten out his act, shortly thereafter. Or when my friend saw Jim Morrison in a knot in a hardwood floor. It was actually a portal to Hell and she freaked out because Jim (her spirit mate) was burning.

So yeah, don’t do drugs and stay in school, kids.

2. Gravedigger – Dave Matthews Band – Live at Wrigley Field

This one is okay, Gramma.

This song is one I consider my three G’s of writing. Gravedigger, Grace is Gone, and Grey street. So love it. But that’s not my initial thought.

There’s an episode in Sons of Anarchy where they’re burying the body of a police officer type guy. He may have been DEA. Whatever, the guy got offed (for good reason) and the last scene of the episode is Jax digging a grave for the guy while this song plays in the background.

It makes me want to write, but it also makes me want to watch SOA from season 1, episode 1 again.

3. I’d Be A Dead Boss – Henry Rollins – Talk is Cheap, Volume 1 (spoken word)

This one is okay, too, Gramma

My politics line up quite a bit with Henry’s. He just says it better! Anytime this comes on, I remember the first time I introduced my mom to Henry’s spoken word. She couldn’t stand looking at him on a stage – she says he doesn’t look like what he sounds like and it bugs her. I get it – but really enjoys his stories.

Nothing funnier than the look on people’s faces when I say my mom enjoys Henry Rollins – frontman of punk band Black Flag. Kills me!

What music motivates you?

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