All the Colors of the Rainbow

Woohoo! Day 18 of the #30daywritingchallenge is all about colors – my favorite and why.

I wrote a FaceBook post not too long ago. I confessed that I eat my M&M’s in order of prettiness. Generally I start with the brown ones, to orange, to yellow, to red, to blue and/or green. Blue and green and red are often interchangeable. It depends on my mood.

When it comes to clothing, I tend to buy a lot of neutral colors, and blues. But blue isn’t my favorite color, I just like how it looks.

Lately my accessories have been purple. I don’t know why. I bought purple slides, and then when we tried the vapes I selected a purple one over the blue one. But purple isn’t my favorite color.

I own a lot of green clothing, and now that I’m in Florida I am picking up brighter colors in lighter materials.

The sunsets down here are stunning. They’re very orange, purple, pink. Alone, they look awful but when those multiple tones clash across the sky, it’s gorgeous. And if I wait five minutes they get darker/brighter. I’m obsessed with the sky here.

Essentially I never know what color I’ll consider a favorite each day. It’s a tough question.

I admit there are some colors that are not awesome – mud or poop brown comes to mind – but I actually like them all. Even those Browns can be made pretty with accent pieces of different hues.

So when someone asks me what my favorite color is, I don’t have an answer, not anymore. The are so many beautiful blues, greens, yellows, golds, sunset oranges, pumpkin oranges… I once wore a bright ass pumpkin orange sweatshirt with these dark purple pants. I didn’t care, I loved the feel of the look. So to speak. And that was before I ever tried any drugs or alcohol. 

I refuse to dislike a color just because it’s a color. If that version is ugly, it has pretty relatives, so yeah.

All the colors of the rainbow, my friend, those are my favorites.

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