Words to Live By

This is day 17 of the #30daywritingchallenge. Today’s topic is a quote or phrase to live by. I say today’s but I’m actually running a day behind yet. I swear I’ll get caught up!

I’m a fan of the old school. My phrase is the whole “Do unto others” deal. Because, yeah, I won’t be a douche if you won’t!

I admit to having done my share of wrongs to people. I avoid that now. I’ve had wrongs done to me, but that’s okay because it’s simply a part of life. 

I also used to adhere to, “Whatever you do, be good to your shoes. They get you where you’re going.”  

I take great care of my shoes! I’ve owned one pair of Tevas since I was 18. I’ve had to glue the split sole but I don’t care. Aside from the sole, they still look relatively new. 

I only replace shoes when I absolutely have to – and I’m all about the comfort. Clogs, slides, slip-on cushy tennis shoe like things. 

So, any suggested words to live by? Share in comments!

2 thoughts on “Words to Live By

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