Triple Pet Peeves

It is day 15 of the #30daywritingchallenge and the topic is Three Pet Peeves. Halfway there, friends! We’re going to have to find another challenge to keep this going!

So. Three pet peeves.

Only three? Do I get categories and sub-categories?

These aren’t in any particular order, and if I start ranting, I’ll apologize now.

1. Having my toothpaste squeezed from the middle. That drives me nuts. My solution to this is to purchase two at a time, when they’re BOGO, and just run with it. It’s never been mentioned.

2. When I’m watching a movie or show on cable and the audio is a split second off of the video. Y’all have one job. I’m going to tie the changing swears to “cheese and rice” or whatever weird, almost-so-innocent-they’re-dirtier phrases to this because it’s rather similar.

3. Cars that turn in front of me, only to slam on their brakes and turn again. Especially if they cut me off so they could immediately turn left in front of me. If I had better insurance, I swear to all that’s holy …

Huh. That was easier than I thought, picking an easy three. What grinds your gears (to borrow a phrase from Peter Griffin)?

One thought on “Triple Pet Peeves

  1. Oh I’m with you Ang respect the tube and squeeze it properly LOL. I hate it when hubby fogeys to replace the cap on said toothpaste. Such a simple thing to do my dear, please don’t get me angry LOL


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