My Life in 7 Years

This is day 14 of the #30daywritingchallenge that a group of authors is participating in. Today’s topic is my life in seven years.

These topics have been interesting. And very random. I’ve been doing my best not to read forward and think about the ones that are coming so I’ve been surprised here and there.

This is one of those times.

Am I supposed to be prescient now? My goodness, I barely know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, much less in seven years.

My life changes drastically and dramatically, and it does that often. I was trying to remember where I was seven years ago, on the off chance that I could use that as a baseline.

2009. My God, time is flying by. I was in Saginaw then, still licking my wounds from my divorce, and getting antsy about being in Michigan again. Seven years before that my now ex-husband and I were just coming back from our short stint in Denver, freshly married, and still in love, and picking up a puppy on the way. Mocha was precious, and I missed her badly when I left the marriage.

Okay, back to 2009. This is August 1, and doing the math means I was completing my first draft of Extremity. Interesting. Now I have 3 books that are complete and released, including Extremity though that will be getting the professional treatment soon, so don’t run out and look for it. It’s still a bit of a mess.

If you can’t help yourself, however, it’s on Amazon and part of the unlimited reading program. For now. AK Lawrence on Amazon

I’m going to write this as though it will happen, and not use a lot of wishy washy language. “Oh, maybe this will happen and then this…” There are things I can guarantee. We’ll still be childfree, we’ll have at least 1 cat and possibly a dog, though poor Cocoa probably won’t make another 7 years. God, that’s sad to think about. Thanks a lot, Writing Challenge. *sniffle*

Seven years from now I will have another 3-4 books out. By that point, I will be a mid-lister, so to speak, with a bit of a following and people anxious to find out what drama trauma I’ll be putting all those Baldwin kids through. If not a bestselling author.

Where we’ll be living is a wide open question. We’re really enjoying the current company My Companion is working for, and he’s beginning some long term projects. We’ll still be here in Orlando, though I’ll probably be getting itchy to check out other places.

The plan is to buy a house in 1-2 years, which means it will probably be 3-4. So after 7, we’ll probably be remodeling. Or something.

I don’t know, this is a weird challenge. Maybe because my life doesn’t follow predictable paths. A year ago I was in Tampa, a year and a half before that I was still in Michigan. And don’t even ask me how many times I moved around Michigan. It makes me dizzy to think about.

Did I miss anything? Love life, career, lack of kids but a plethora of furry children love, My Companion’s career (he should be basically management by then, he’s already well on his way!), our location… I don’t know. If I missed something, ask me in comments! I’ll be happy to stretch the brain and try to figure it out.


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