My Nightmare Commute

… or the lack thereof?

We are at day 13, not half way through the list! Amazing. Two weeks worth of random information about people has been fun, informative, and interesting. Today’s topic is my commute to work/school, etcetera.

Again, SAHW/SAHA here so I don’t technically commute. I have looked into classes here and there, but they would be online courses. I don’t do well with other people’s schedules. I can for a while, but eventually I just have to buck the system. I once took a stress reduction class in college. I did great until the final. I was there everyday, on time and ready to reduce my stress. Until the final. I blew it off. The teacher took it as symbolism and gave me an A for not stressing getting to class. I feel like those were opposing benefits, but oh well.

We’ve established I work from home. In a previous post I mentioned my SO does not drive due to a medical condition. This wouldn’t affect us as much as one would think. There’s Uber and Lyft for when I don’t feel like driving or want a cocktail or something.

He worked from home until this past February. We enjoyed it, but it wasn’t the best for our mental health after a while. He was offered a position across state, one that would involve an office and all the tech stuff he could want to play with. Of course we said yes.

Anyone who follows this blog or my author page should have an idea of how that is going. It was rough in the beginning.

I love to drive. Jumping in my car late at night and going for drives had always been one of my favorite things. I impulsively drove across this great country of ours on more than one occasion (Texas panhandle sucks, New Mexico is cool for about half an hour around the Taos interchange, St Louis is fun).

Orlando made me dread my car. I didn’t even want to park it where I could see it.

The first month we were here, we were in temporary living quarters. The commute was highway the whole way and went directly by Disney and Universal at the prime hours for tourists and local workers. I swear to god, I thought I was going to die repeatedly.

I believe in safe, predictable driving. It’s what prevents accidents. There’s no predictability here. The highways are chaos. Cars whip from the far left lane to get to an exit about a foot before the median would take them out. They don’t care if other cars are there, I believe they assume everyone will move because this guy means business or something.

I used to drop my guy off, get back to the temporary place, and a curl into a ball for about 20 minutes. When we watched Mad Max: Fury Road, I was jealous of their car weaponry. I wanted it. Badly.

We finally got into the apartment we selected. Now we go down our road, turn right, go for 4 miles, turn right, and he’s there at work. It’s damn near zen. There’s the added bonus of PokeStops at our home and at his work. If I turn early on my way back, I can hit 6 more PokeStops before the mall traffic gets bad. Because I am officially obsessed with Pokemon Go for the next little while. Sorry, y’all are going to have to hear about it.

I have a 1500 Snorlax! For those who know what that means…

So, anyway, that’s my current commute. It takes about 40 minutes twice a day. I no longer hate my car, though the air conditioning is a little wonky and if we don’t fix it soon, I may die. A month straight where – after the real feel – it’s 100 degrees and humid is a bit much.

One thought on “My Nightmare Commute

  1. I am like you, I love to go for a drive. I absolutely love road trips. Haven’t been able to do one for a few years but I am staying hopeful! I would love to travel from where I am to the east coast. For the most part driving relaxes me. I would rather drive the old roads than the interstates you get to see so many interesting things!

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